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Hide unwanted social media comments automatically.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to automatically remove unwanted comments from social media pages. It provides users with the ability to hide comments containing complaints, negativity, spam, political content, profanity, and offensiveness, thereby protecting their brand on social media.

The AI has been trained to detect these comments with a 96% accuracy rate, and is currently able to support Facebook and Instagram. It also has an integration with Hootsuite, allowing users to manage their social media channels with maximum efficiency.

Brandfort offers a free plan, as well as a monthly subscription with the ability to cancel at any time. All payment processing is secured by Stripe, an industry leader in security certification.

The team behind Brandfort is made up of experienced developers, social media experts, and risk management professionals who are dedicated to helping users grow and leverage their brand for success.

Brandfort was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


96% accuracy rate
Supports Facebook and Instagram
Hootsuite integration
Free plan available
Monthly subscription with cancellation
Secure payment with Stripe
Experienced developer team
Social media expert team
Risk management professional team
Removes complaints
Removes negativity
Removes spam
Removes political content
Removes profanity
Removes offensiveness
Protection for brand reputation
Youtube integration in progress
Subscription cancellation at any time
Stripe security certification
No long-term contracts
Trial service for free
Efficient social media management


Only supports Facebook and Instagram
No Youtube integration yet
96% accuracy rate not perfect
Only integrates with Hootsuite
Only monthly subscription option
Limited adaptability to user's preferences
Mainly for negative comment removal
No specific multilingual support
Exclusively online customer support
Potential over-moderation risking engagement


What is Brandfort?
How does Brandfort work?
What makes Brandfort effective in removing unwanted comments?
How accurate is Brandfort in identifying unwanted comments?
What platforms does Brandfort currently support?
Can Brandfort be integrated with my existing Hootsuite account?
Does Brandfort have a free plan?
What kind of subscription plans does Brandfort offer?
How secure is my payment information with Brandfort?
Can I cancel my Brandfort subscription anytime?
Do I have to have a contract to use Brandfort?
Who developed Brandfort?
What kind of comments can Brandfort detect?
Is there a limit to the number of comments that Brandfort can filter?
Does Brandfort offer any other services besides comment removal?
Does Brandfort handle complaints and offensive comments only?
Why should I consider using Brandfort for my brand?
Does Brandfort automatically hide the comments it identifies as unwanted?
What happens when an unwanted comment is identified by Brandfort?
How does Brandfort protect my brand on social media?

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