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Automatically remove unwanted comments from your social media with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool designed to automate the moderation and protection of your brands online presence by automatically removing undesirable comments from your social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

The AI technology in Brandfort identifies and hides negative feedback, profanity, spam, and politically offensive statements in comments. By applying this automated moderation, Brandfort ensures a more positive and engaging social media environment for followers and customers.

The company is built by a team of experienced developers, social media and risk experts with a mission to protect your brand on social media. The application also integrates with Hootsuite, allowing for seamless integration into existing social media workflows.

Secure and convenient, the tool offers easy cancellation of subscriptions and ensures safety and security of purchases. Users can start with a free plan before deciding to subscribe to a paid package.

The Artificial Intelligence behind Brandfort has been consistently trained to improve its accuracy in identifying unwanted comments. The system is also being expanded to other platforms like YouTube.

Brandfort was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


96% accuracy rate
Supports Facebook and Instagram
Hootsuite integration
Free plan available
Monthly subscription option
Ability to cancel anytime
Payment security with Stripe
Automatically removes undesirable comments
Positive social media environment
Plans future YouTube support
Experienced developer team
Social media expert team
Risk management professionals
Automated moderation
Brand protection benefits
Negative feedback control
Spam prevention
Customer interaction management
Risk management
Content filtering
Removes complaints, negativity, spam
Removes political content and profanity
Easy to cancel subscriptions
System consistently trained
Provides online presence protection
No credit card required for sign-up
Integrated app officially in Hootsuite


Limited to Facebook and Instagram
No API integration mentioned
Doesn't support real-time moderation
No customizable filters
No multilingual support
Limited Hootsuite functionality
Doesn't support other SMM tools
No trial for paid plans
No annual subscription option
Expansion to YouTube pending


How does Brandfort work to remove unwanted comments automatically?
What platforms does Brandfort currently support?
Can Brandfort also detect and remove positive spam comments?
What is the accuracy rate of Brandfort in identifying unwanted comments?
How does the integration between Brandfort and Hootsuite work?
Can Brandfort be integrated with other social media management tools apart from Hootsuite?
What are the subscription plans offered by Brandfort and how much do they cost?
How can I cancel my subscription with Brandfort?
How does the free plan of Brandfort work?
Is my financial information secure with Brandfort?
Who is on the team behind Brandfort?
Is Brandfort planning on expanding to other platforms?
How does Brandfort help in the moderation and protection of brands?
What kind of comments does Brandfort help to remove?
Does Brandfort offer any customer support?
How does Brandfort manage negative feedback control?
How can I integrate Brandfort into my existing social media workflows?
Will Brandfort continue to work if I cancel my subscription?
What happens to my data if I decide to stop using Brandfort?
What distinguishes Brandfort from other AI tools for social media management?

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