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Brand reputation safeguarded on social media.
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Brandwise is an AI-powered brand manager tool that helps businesses protect their online reputation on social media. It automatically scans and filters posts and ads across paid and organic social media accounts to hide potentially brand-damaging, hateful, racist comments, and spam.

The tool uses sentiment analysis to identify harmful comments and prevent them from being displayed to the public, while also notifying users of any flagged comments that require a prompt response.

Additionally, the tool allows organizations to customize their filtering by adding their own custom keywords for removal when detected. Brandwise also provides multi-lingual comment moderation capability in 95 different languages, and users can set up unlimited accounts to give multiple team members access to the tool’s dashboard.

The tool offers flexible pricing, with a 7-day free trial available, and a range of pricing options for individuals, small businesses, and larger organizations.

Overall, Brandwise is a useful tool for businesses looking to protect their brand reputation and foster a safer social media environment for their followers and customers.


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Brandwise was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 social media protection
Sentiment analysis used
Comments can be hidden
Customizable keyword filtering
95 languages supported
Supports multiple user accounts
Flexible pricing options
7-day free trial
Custom capabilities for enterprises
Alerts for flagged comments
Dashboard comment response feature
Statistical filtering per page
Volume-based pricing tiers
Unique spam filter
Prevents public content damage


Limited comment processing capacity
No direct social network integration
No API mentioned
Limited to social media posts
No sentiment classification guidance
Price proportional to comment volume
No desktop app version
May hide unsuitable but non-hateful comments
No automation workflow features
Custom keywords might limit detection


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Can multiple users manage the same Brandwise account?
How much does a Brandwise subscription cost?
Does Brandwise offer a free trial?
What kind of businesses does Brandwise cater to?
Does Brandwise have a mobile app version?
Are comments removed permanently with Brandwise?
How does Brandwise determine which comments need a response?
Can Brandwise be used by marketing agencies?
How does the sentiment analysis feature on Brandwise work?
Can I reply to comments through Brandwise's dashboard?
Can Brandwise filter comments on paid ads?
How many social media accounts can be linked to a Brandwise account?
Does Brandwise offer custom capabilities for large brands and companies?

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