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Customer journey analysis for personalized experiences.
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Bridge is a user-intelligence platform designed to enhance marketing, sales, and business growth. It enables users to unlock the potential of their customer data, discover customer personas, streamline user journeys, and provide personalized experiences with minimal coding.

With Bridge, users can gain bold insights and achieve instant personalization.The platform offers a Canvas Editor that simplifies data capture design, allowing users to collaborate or seek assistance from the AI co-pilot.

Bridge's embeddable data capture seamlessly integrates into the user's product, providing a native user experience. Once deployed, Bridge's AI-powered engine automatically captures, clusters, and identifies customer profiles, delivering valuable insights.Bridge facilitates alignment across different teams including marketing, product, growth, and sales by focusing efforts on what truly impacts customers.

By using custom actions and integrations, users can iterate quickly to achieve an ideal customer experience tailored to their specific needs and expectations.Early access to Bridge is available and has been attracting attention as an early adopter's tool.Please note that the text provided does not include any specific numbers or exact figures.


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Bridge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 13th 2023.
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