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Chatbot assistant for website customer support.
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BrightBot is an AI-powered chatbot tool that enables website owners to add a chatbot to their website in just a few minutes. The chatbot can be trained on specific data related to the website and respond to user queries in real-time.

BrightBot is equipped with natural language processing capabilities from the latest machine learning models to provide seamless conversations about the topics provided.

The tool also allows website owners to take over conversations if necessary to provide the human touch. BrightBot provides an admin panel that makes it easy to train and manage the chatbot.

Users can feed in text to train the chatbot, monitor conversations, and even test and customize their chatbot to match their website's brand. With BrightBot, visitors to a website can get immediate responses to their queries, increasing the chances of prospect engagement.

In the case where most queries are routine, BrightBot's AI-powered chatbot handles responses, leaving the website's team to focus on where they can add value.

BrightBot offers a free plan for starting, after which there are different paid subscription plans available. Users can pay for the service using credit card or invoice (NET 30) for bank transfers.

Overall, BrightBot enables website owners to get ahead in providing natural conversations with website visitors and improving their online customer experience.


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Brightbot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick chatbot integration
Trainable using specific data
Real-time user query responses
Natural Language Processing capabilities
Human takeover of conversations
Admin panel for management
Text-based chatbot training
Conversation monitoring
Customizable to brand
Immediate user responses
Engagement with website visitors
Routine query management
Free start-up plan
Credit card and invoice payments
24/7 chatbot presence
Faster response times
Handles routine queries
No installation necessary
Cloud-based application
Embed code integration


Limited customization
Paid versions necessary for scale
Training required
Analytics capability not specified
Latency in real-time responses
Not multilingual
Manual switch required for human-facilitated chats
No voice assistance
Machine learning models not outlined
No integration with CRM platforms


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How can BrightBot improve my online customer experience?
Can I take over conversations on BrightBot?
What's included in BrightBot's admin panel?
How can BrightBot increase engagement with my website visitors?
Can BrightBot respond to user queries in real-time?
How can I test and customize my chatbot on BrightBot?
What kind of training does BrightBot require?
Are there subscription plans for BrightBot?
How does BrightBot handle responses?
How can BrightBot add a human touch to conversations?
What kind of machine learning models does BrightBot use?

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