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Aid for drafting and sharing team updates.
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Broadcast is an AI-driven tool for quickly drafting and sending weekly updates to team members, with options for sharing via Slack and email. It uses automation and “tech magic” to make the process fast, simple, and enjoyable.

The AI Writer feature can help with writer’s block, auto-generating text from data and automatically filling in key metrics and numbers. It also offers workflow optimization, enabling users to set up all updates in a single pane and easily distribute them across platforms.

Furthermore, it offers collaboration options for editing and replying, as well as privacy and security features. Broadcast can save time and money by simplifying and streamlining the weekly update process.


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Broadcast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick drafting updates
Sharing via Slack
Sharing via email
Automation use
Auto-generates text
Automatically fills key metrics
Workflow optimization
Single-pane setup
Distribute updates easily
Collaboration options
Replying options
Privacy features
Security features
Time saving
Money saving
Streamlines update process
Automated composition
Gathers needed information
Leaves comments
Real-time collaboration
Readership insights
Tracks update viewers
Work communication simplification
Integration with existing tools
Automated text summary
Rewrites text
Expands on text
Auto-suggest feature
Receives replies
Easy distribution
Shares over email
Shares via Slack
Engages directly in app
Replies over email
Enriches updates with data
SOC-II Security
Onboarding refresh
Profile cleanup
Infra audit


No mobile app
Limited platform sharing options
Limited integration options
No offline capabilities
Strictly text-based content
Limited collaborative features
Automatic content may lack context
Inflexible workflow setup
Minimal audience targeting features


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What does Broadcast offer in terms of team updates?
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How does Broadcast help with collaboration?
What privacy and security features does Broadcast offer?
How does Broadcast streamline the weekly update process?
Can Broadcast be used to send updates on Slack and email?
Is Broadcast helpful in overcoming writer's block?
How does Broadcast use metrics and numbers?
How does Broadcast help in distributing updates across different platforms?
Does Broadcast offer any features for real-time collaboration and editing?
How can I keep track of who's reading my updates on Slack and Email through Broadcast?
What tools does Broadcast integrate with?
How does Broadcast assist in writing updates?
What's the role of Metrics in Broadcast?
How does Broadcast guarantee security and privacy?
Does Broadcast offers features for audience segmentation?
Can I customize my updates on Broadcast?
Does Broadcast offer any features for automated composition of the first drafts?


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