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Automated tasks with simple language, no expertise.
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Neural Wave is an AI tool that simplifies automation by allowing businesses of any size to automate tasks through plain language instructions. It does not require technical expertise or RPA development skills.

Powered by Generative AI, it utilizes a custom Large Language Model (LLM) to automate tasks on any software application, with or without APIs, and process both structured and unstructured documents.

The tool, known as "Buddy," acts as a digital intern, carrying out tasks based on instructions given in plain language, similar to how one would communicate with colleagues or friends.

It can automate routine business workflows, extract data from documents, and complete tasks without the need for low-code or no-code development, workflow creation, or extensive integration with APIs.

Neural Wave aims to democratize automation by making it accessible to everyone, from children to grandparents, enabling users to boost their productivity and efficiency by 10x.

Examples of tasks that can be automated include responding to emails, scheduling meetings, creating financial statements, developing presentations, processing receipts, and more.

In summary, Neural Wave's neural network-driven tool simplifies and democratizes automation by allowing users to automate tasks using plain language instructions, without the need for technical expertise, RPA development skills, or extensive integration efforts.


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