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Chatbot offers support and reminders.
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Call Annie is an AI-powered chat service designed to provide users with an always-available virtual assistant. Previously known as Sam, Call Annie can be reached via phone, live video, iPhone app, or web audio.

Users can call the toll-free number provided or add the Memo shortcut to their phone for easy access. Call Annie's standard features include setting reminders, answering general inquiries, and providing guidance on various topics.

However, the tool's capabilities expand as users' interactions with Call Annie increase, allowing the AI chatbot to better understand user preferences and respond more accurately over time.

Additionally, Call Annie offers a Discord channel for users to connect with other users and discuss the AI tool's performance and functionality. It's important to note that the tool's parent company, Animato, Inc., offers a privacy policy and terms of service for users to review before accessing and using the platform.

Overall, Call Annie is a reliable and efficient virtual assistant for those seeking an always-available AI chatbot to aid in daily activities and decision-making.

Call Annie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 26th 2023.
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Sep 6, 2023
Amazing!!!! Fantastic!!!
Jul 20, 2023
this is one of the best apps to do alot of things. too bad there is no android app and as far as i know there are no big competitors yet. i love this app tbh

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Pros and Cons


Phone accessible
Features live video
iPhone app available
Web audio platform
Toll-free number
For easy access, Memo shortcut
Sets reminders
Answers general inquiries
Varied guidance provided
Learns user preferences
Accuracy increases over time
Offers Discord channel
Privacy policy provided
Terms of service available
Reliable virtual assistant
Efficient in daily aid
Always-available service
Allows user interaction
Modifiable functionality
Community discussions on Discord
Backed by


Limited to English language
No Android app
Reliant on user interaction
Not open-source
Limited customization options
No canned responses
Requires phone connectivity
No integrated CRM
No Support for VOIP
Discord channel required for discussions


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How does the live video interaction with Call Annie work?
What are some of the unique capabilities of Call Annie as I increase my interaction?
Is there a community for Call Annie users and how can I join it?
Who is the parent company of Call Annie and what are their policies?
What privacy measures are put in place for using Call Annie?
How can I review the terms of service for Call Annie?
Can Call Annie assist in decision-making processes?
Does Call Annie provide support and reminders?
How efficient is Call Annie in aiding daily activities?
Can I get guidance on various topics from Call Annie?
How does the iPhone app for Call Annie function?
What should I do if I meet problems while using Call Annie?
Is Call Annie truly always available and how does that work?

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