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Enhances contact center operations with analytics.
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CallZen.AI is an AI-driven contact center intelligence platform that aims to transform contact center operations. It offers several key features, including AI-powered analytics, sentiment analysis, compliance audits, agent performance management, custom reports and analytics, and integrations with enterprise CRM systems and emails.With the AI-Insights & Key Moment Identification feature, CallZen allows users to automatically track critical talking points and sentiments in all customer calls.

The Conversation Sentiment Analysis feature helps decode emotions in conversations between customers and agents. The Auto-Compliance Audit feature ensures adherence to compliance regulations with automated QA and call scoring.

Agent Performance Management enables users to understand nuances in conversations and effectively track and coach agents. Custom Reports & Analytics allows users to create interactive dashboards and reports to visualize trends easily.

The Integrations feature enables seamless integration with CRM systems and emails, providing instant alerts.CallZen caters to various industries such as banking and finance, insurance, health tech, and ed tech.

It offers solutions for sales, monitoring and coaching, customer experience, and compliance, each designed to improve specific aspects of customer engagement and business operations.The tool also provides multilingual transcription capabilities, the ability to track key moments in conversations, call and chat scoring with AI, collection and tracking of customer feedback, monitoring of customer-to-partner conversations, automated quality management, validation of agent actions on CRM systems, custom reporting and analytics on conversations, AI-assisted pitches, and AI coaching for agents.

Overall, CallZen aims to enhance contact center efficiency and drive positive business outcomes.


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