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Your privacy-friendly AI assistant for complex questions
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CamoCopy is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that functions both as an assistant and a search engine. This Europe-based tool provides a privacy-friendly alternative to existing AI assistants such as ChatGPT.

Notable features of CamoCopy include a built-in search engine, the ability to provide instant answers sourced from internet data, and the creation of ultra-realistic images.

Unique to this tool is the assurance of user privacy. All personal data are anonymized and stored on secure servers within the European Union, ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition to its main functionalities, CamoCopy also allows users to earn money as affiliates, contributing to global data protection. A notable facility is the anonymous and fast internet search.

This feature provides users with anonymized and encrypted search results. Also, the tool is equipped with capabilities such as SEO, copywriting, and is useful for planning and learning activities.

Furthermore, it offers an image creation feature, suitable for both private and commercial uses. Users can create images, illustrations, and graphics that match their text for social media, blogs, or articles.The tool's commitment to constant innovation means it is regularly updated with new features and enhancements.

A mobile app for both iOS and Android is underway which aims to offer the same security and privacy features as the web version.


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Pros and Cons


Europe-based tool
GDPR compliant
Data anonymization
Secure data storage
Affiliate program
Anonymous search
Built-in search engine
Instant internet answers
Image creation feature
SEO tool
Copywriting tool
Learning tool
Useful for planning activities
Regular feature updates
Mobile app in development
Passive income opportunity
Encrypted search results
Useful for social media
Produces ultra-realistic images
Data stored within EU
Helps contribute to data protection
Fast internet search
Constant innovation
Personalized user experience
Ready-made command prompts
Flexible pricing options
No subscription required
Images for commercial use
Anonymous browsing
Supports multiple languages
Used to create illustrations
Affiliate earnings program
Privacy-first alternatives


No offline mode
Non-automatic data anonymization
Limited image creation
Requires manual prompt choosing
Credit system usage
No free tier
Europe-focused data storage
No real-time collaboration
No multi-language support
Mobile app not ready


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Is there a mobile app for CamoCopy?
How can CamoCopy be useful for planning and learning activities?
What is the advantage of using a Europe-based AI tool like CamoCopy?
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Can CamoCopy create illustrations and graphics for social media and blogs?
How are users' personal data stored on CamoCopy?
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What are the commercial uses of CamoCopy?

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