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Assistance with writing performance reviews.
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Campbell is an AI assistant service that provides guidance on writing better performance reviews. It quickly translates ideas into complete, professional feedback, freeing up time for face-to-face conversations.

The AI assistant is customizable, allowing users to choose the tone and language of their reviews, as well as writing reviews for direct reports, managers, and peers in a 360-degree feedback process.

It also stores data securely and is easy to use. Campbell is a valuable tool for streamlining the review process and saving time. It has revolutionized the way performance reviews are conducted, providing a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution.

With Campbell, users can be sure that their reviews are of a consistently high quality, saving them time and money.


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Dec 11, 2023
Campbell has made writing performance reviews easier than ever before
Dec 11, 2023
Campbell has made writing performance reviews easier than ever before.
Dec 11, 2023
Campbell has completely transformed the way I approach work! The AI integration is seamless, making tasks smoother and more efficient. The user-friendly interface and intelligent analytics simplify performance assessments, providing valuable insights.
Dec 11, 2023
I just throw in some bullet points, and the performance review is good to go. Awesome!

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Pros and Cons


Translates ideas into professional feedback
Frees up time for conversations
Customizable tone and language
Allows 360-degree feedback
Secure data storage
User-friendly interface
Streamlines review process
Consistently high-quality reviews
Improves efficiency in review season
Allows personalization in feedback
Multilingual review writing
Transparent about data handling
Customizable wording choices
Write reviews in seconds
Supports different review perspectives
Provides samples to demonstrate


Limited language support
Lacks third-party integrations
Lacks user interface customization
Unsuitable for nuanced feedback
Lacks offline functionality
May lack personality
Lacks real-time collaboration
No mention of API
Risk of over-standardized reviews
Limited to performance review writing
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