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Generate custom app icons easily.
Generated by ChatGPT
CandyIcons is an AI app icon generator that provides users with thousands of unique and exclusive app icons to enhance the visual appeal of their applications.

Create beautiful, royalty-free app icons from text in three clicks.
CandyIcons turns your ideas into reality using the latest AI technology (DALL·E 3).
Describe your icon in a few words, choose your colors and style, and watch the magic happen!

CandyIcons also offers pre-made icons for users who may be lacking inspiration. These pre-made icons cover a wide range of categories, ensuring there is something suitable for every app.

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Mar 27, 2024
Big shoutout to my colleague for introducing me to CandyIcons! This website not only generates great icons for direct use but also serves as an incredible source of inspiration when I'm stuck on a particular design. The variety and quality blew me away, and it's super user-friendly. This site was precisely what I needed to elevate my design game, and I'll surely be recommending it to other friends soon. If you're on the hunt for a way to generate amazing icons easily, CandyIcons is a must-try! And if you're still searching for a sign to give it a shot, consider this it, you won't be disappointed! 👌
Mar 27, 2024
Very simple and straightforward! I use Candyicons to generate icons for my branding projects, and it consistently provides high-quality results every time.
Mar 26, 2024
I shook for the result, it produces really good quality and it gives me exactly what I want, following the keyword that I input, super easy to use, and it has only 3 steps to create the stunning logo or icons that you want. And suprisingly Candyicons has so many styles that I can use and compare which one I like most. It is super Convenient. Everyone needs to try this app, definitely 10 out of 5!
Mar 26, 2024
Great app! Simple, user-friendly, and offer customization options! Recommended.
Mar 21, 2024
I've tried multiple app icon generators recently and so far, CandyIcons stands out as the best. The interface is more user-friendly and they offer more styles compared to other sites. Results look good too, I highly recommend 👍
Mar 20, 2024
Impressive icons! The quality of the ones I created using the generator look just as good as the sample icons. I also tried out their favicon generator to make the favicon for my blog and it's super convenient.
Mar 18, 2024
Really good customer support, had some trouble with my prompt earlier since my first few attempts didn't give the exact results I wanted so I reached out to their support team via chat and they responded with a few suggestions almost immediately. Eventually got the hang of it and got some icons I really liked! It's pretty easy to use but I highly recommend looking through their examples first to see which style you prefer. Also try to ask for recommendations from their chat support before generating your own icons to save time and money. Pro tip: be specific with your prompts!
Mar 12, 2024
Came across Candyicons while searching for an app icon generator here and it's one of the most cost-effective of the bunch! The icon quality certainly exceeded my expectations in every way possible. As someone who's not particularly good at designing, Candyicons made the process much more convenient and less stressful for me. The user interface is very intuitive, and the variety of colors and style options is impressive. Although the results sometimes don't match the whole long prompt exactly as is (I guess this is the limitations of AI), they still delivery a variety of great HD icons.
Mar 11, 2024
Was able to get the perfect icon for my project with this generator. While the first couple of icons I generated were just as impressive, the last few definitely got better once I got the hang of making more detailed prompts.
Mar 2, 2024
This AI tool for app icons generation is a game-changer. It's user-friendly, offers customization options, and AI-powered suggestions, making it a go-to for quick and stunning icons creation.
Feb 28, 2024
Great app. I've used it a couple of times now. The quality of the icons is perfect and the price is good.
Feb 28, 2024
Tested this out a few days ago for my project and I really like how the icons turned out! Very nice quality, will definitely use it again in the future :)
Feb 27, 2024
Great experience overall. The quality of the images is higher than on two competitors that I tested. I bought a lifetime deal on Appsumo so it's fairly cheap.

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