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Enhanced customer support processes
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Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform designed to streamline and improve customer support processes. It acts as a centralized hub that integrates with your existing tech stack, allowing for seamless communication and automation of support tasks.

The platform offers several key features to enhance support operations. The Knowledge Base and Articles feature enables agents to quickly access information and answer frequently asked questions, empowering them with the necessary knowledge to provide efficient support.

Capacity also provides Chatbots and Helpdesk capabilities, allowing for AI-powered self-service with the option of human escalation when needed. This enables customers to find answers to their queries quickly and easily, while still having the option to escalate to a human agent for more complex issues.

In addition, the platform offers Workflows and Automations to automate repetitive support tasks, saving time and effort for support teams. It also facilitates communication with customers through SMS and Livechat, enabling instant reach and engagement with customers wherever they are.

Furthermore, Capacity includes a Dev Platform and Apps, making it easy to integrate with your existing applications and customize workflows as needed.

This ensures seamless integration into your existing infrastructure and allows for a tailored support experience. Overall, Capacity is a comprehensive support automation platform that aims to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and provide a better support experience for both customers and support agents.

Capacity was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 22nd 2023.
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