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Multilingual video subtitles generated online.
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CaptionCreator is an online video subtitle generator tool that allows users to effortlessly transcribe and translate any language to English. The tool uses OpenAI Whisper, an advanced speech recognition algorithm, that can recognize diverse accents and dialects to provide accurate transcriptions.

With CaptionCreator, users can upload their audio or video files to the platform and generate hours of subtitles in under 5 minutes. CaptionCreator supports over 50 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Users can generate audio and video subtitles easily in English for anime videos or K-pop star interviews. Multilingual audio support allows users to create English subtitles for videos with people speaking multiple languages.

The tool is also designed to handle noisy audio environments, ensuring transcription and translation accuracy.After the subtitles are generated, users can edit and customize them with the user-friendly subtitle editor before downloading.

CaptionCreator offers four subscription plans that vary based on the number of credits provided, with 1 credit equaling 1 minute of transcription/translation.

The tool also provides a detailed FAQ page that answers common questions about language support, accuracy, and limits on the number of videos or audio files users can transcribe.CaptionCreator is ideal for individuals looking to boost their online presence with improved SEO through accurate subtitles or businesses looking to increase accessibility to their video content.


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Oct 30, 2023
Simple and Straightforward UI.

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Pros and Cons


Supports 50+ languages
Recognizes diverse accents
Fast subtitle generation
Handles noisy audio environments
User-friendly subtitle editor
Subscription plans variety
Detailed FAQ page
SEO boosting
Video content accessibility increase
High transcription accuracy
Multiple files upload
Multilingual audio support
Editable generated subtitles
Translate language to English
1 credit = 1 minute
365 days Audio storage
365 days Subtitle storage


No offline functionality
Subscription-based credit system
No bulk credit discounts
Cannot choose translation languages
Only translates to English
Limited free plan
Limited noisy audio support
Transcription accuracy not specified
One credit equals one minute
No live transcription feature


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Are there any limitations to the number of videos or audio files I can transcribe with CaptionCreator?
How accurate is the transcription and translation of CaptionCreator?
Can CaptionCreator handle noisy audio environments?
How can I edit the subtitles once they are generated by CaptionCreator?
What are the subscription plans for CaptionCreator and what do they offer?
Can CaptionCreator translate multiple languages at once in a single video?
What are the benefits of using CaptionCreator for my videos?
Why do credits matter in CaptionCreator?
How can CaptionCreator help me in boosting my online presence?
Can CaptionCreator be used offline?
How can CaptionCreator assist businesses in increasing video content accessibility?
Does CaptionCreator have a limit on the duration of videos that can be subtitled?
What does one credit equal in the context of CaptionCreator?

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