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An AI-powered backlog enriching your features with customer feedback.
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Cardinal is an AI-based feature backlog tool designed to improve product management by incorporating customer feedback into the feature development process.

With the ability to pull in diverse data from customer feedback platforms, CRM systems, and task management tickets, it helps to determine customer needs and preferences.

Cardinal's core function lies in understanding which features customers want, the significance of these desired features to the customer, and relating the insights formed to an existing product strategy.

The tool also extracts and connects customer feedback to actual features and requests to create a wealthier knowledge base for product development. The AI capabilities also facilitate finding feature requests in customer feedback and fitting this feedback into a broader product strategy.

An additional function catered towards revenue generation allows the calculation and forecasting of the revenue value for each feature. It also offers automated reporting, ensuring seamless updates of feature status and progress.

An essential attribute lies in creating a shared platform for all teams, enabling data-driven decision-making and providing stakeholders with clear visibility of results, without the necessity of constant communication.


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Cardinal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive product overview
Shares KPIs
Integrated with multiple systems
KPIs set across teams
Facilitates creativity and collaboration
Provides real-time visibility
Allows discussions
Tracks goals
Connects to various systems
Automatic tracking capability
Enables learning and visualization
Supports free and clean writing
Uses smart properties
Can bring live data into specs
Understands what works and what doesn't
Compares impact areas and initiatives
Supports various integrations
Allows custom integrations
Open beta access
Useful for product owners, builders, and leaders
Promotes data-driven product development
Simplifies stakeholder management
Automates prioritization
Feature backlog tool
Incorporates customer feedback
Pulls diverse data
Determines customer needs and preferences
Relates insights to product strategy
Connects feedback to features
Creates knowledge base
Finds feature requests in feedback
Forecasts revenue for each feature
Automates reporting
Creates shared platform for teams
Enables data-driven decision making
Stakeholders can see results
Handles customer feedback, backlog, and roadmap
Syncs features status and dates
Recognizes features in customer feedback
Helps place feature in product strategy
Forecasts revenue for each feature
Community for product thinkers


Limited integration options
Opinionated feature prioritization
Needs manual feedback mapping
No direct customer contact
Requires data import
Acquisition instability


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Does Cardinal offer automated reporting?
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How can Cardinal help in feature development?
Does Cardinal provide real-time visibility and discussion?
How does Cardinal assist with revenue forecasting?
Can I join the beta to access Cardinal?
How can Cardinal better customer preference understanding?
Can Cardinal help create a data-driven approach to product development?
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Can Cardinal facilitate finding feature requests in customer feedback?

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