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Create attractive LinkedIn carousel visuals.
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The LinkedIn Carousel Generator is a free tool provided by Taplio that allows users to turn images, tweets, or Reddit posts into visually appealing LinkedIn carousels.

Carousels are a popular and engaging format that allows you to upload a set of slides that people can navigate through, similar to a PowerPoint presentation.

This tool is ideal for publishers who want to keep users on the LinkedIn platform, as the site rewards this behavior with additional visibility. The LinkedIn Carousel Generator is easy to use.

You simply import the various “slides” you want for your final carousel, which can be either tweets, Reddit posts, or image URLs. Once the images are imported, you hit the “generate carousel” button, and wait a couple of minutes until the “download carousel” button is available.

In addition to being free and easy to use, the Taplio LinkedIn Carousel Generator tool doesn’t require a subscription or account registration. However, you can get a Taplio subscription to remove watermarks.

Additionally, the tool isn’t just restricted to carousels - it also offers many other options for publishing professional content on LinkedIn, including scheduling, automation, and content inspiration.

To find content for your carousel, inspiration or to get traction fast, you can turn to the Tweet Collections library, a collection of tweets sorted on many topics.

With this tool, users can create compelling long-form content that will boost engagement with a broader audience on LinkedIn. All in all, the LinkedIn Carousel Generator is a simple, user-friendly tool that can help boost the visibility of your content and personal brand on LinkedIn.


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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Turns images to carousels
Turns tweets to carousels
Turns Reddit posts to carousels
No account registration required
Provides post scheduling
Includes automation features
Offers content inspiration
Supports LinkedIn visibility boosting
Creates long-form LinkedIn content
Access to Tweet Collections library
Ideal for LinkedIn publishers
Simple, user-friendly interface
Does not require a subscription
Option to remove watermarks
Helps build a personal brand


Only supports LinkedIn platform
Restricted content formats
Carousel creation is time-consuming
No account registration (security)
Watermarks without subscription
Limited customization options
No multi-platform support
Text content not supported
Lack of documentation
No API available


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