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Creating AI assessed professional resumes.
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CatchyCV is a platform designed for professionals looking for a streamlined job application and recruitment process. It offers distinct account types tailored to the needs of job seekers and recruiters.

Job seekers can use the platform to upload or create resumes, get assessments powered by artificial intelligence, and create public profiles featuring their resumes.

Beyond basic job application and profile creation functions, CatchyCV offers an AI-powered tool to assess and refine resumes for better results. For recruiters, CatchyCV presents a robust suite of tools as well it allows recruiters to search resumes, create CV lists, keep track of specific CVs, and access AI-fueled review, summarization, and rating of applicants' CVs.

This provides recruiters high-quality, AI-analyzed candidate data in an instant, aiding in quick and efficient hiring decisions. Different membership plans are available for job seekers and recruiters, with varying limits on features and privileges.

The platform ensures user data security, leveraging Stripe for secure payment handling and adhering to a strict privacy policy.


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CatchyCV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Distinct account types
Public profile creation
Resume search for recruiters
CV list creation
Specific CV tracking
Varied membership plans
Stripe for secure payments
Strict privacy policy
Job application integration
Elegant resume creation
Existing resume uploads
Internal job search capabilities
Easy account creation
Membership tailored to needs
Secure payment handling
Efficient hiring decisions
Job posting capability
Multiple CV uploads
Recruiter account benefits
Secure data handling
No hidden fees
Billing portal integration
Easy plan cancellation
Plan upgrade option
Optimal CV tracking
Fixed price plans
Re-assessment capabilities
CV list creation and tracking
Career management tools
CV optimization tools
Applicant sorting tools
Job recruiting suite
Profile creation features
Employee search capabilities


No free plan for recruiters
Limited CVs in free plan
Limited CV uploads in free plan
Plan cancellation/update via third-party
Dependence on Stripe for payments
Manual selection of account type
Email only account recovery
No open-source aspects
No integrated job postings


What is CatchyCV?
How does the AI assessment in CatchyCV work?
What are the account types offered by CatchyCV?
What features does CatchyCV provide for job seekers?
What tools does CatchyCV offer for recruiters?
How does CatchyCV help with refining a resume?
What are the differences in the membership plans of CatchyCV?
How does CatchyCV ensure data security?
What is the role of AI in CatchyCV?
Can I upload an existing resume on CatchyCV?
How does the AI review and rating of resumes work on CatchyCV?
Can I track specific CVs as a recruiter on CatchyCV?
How does the applicant sorting feature on CatchyCV work?
Is there a limit on the number of CVs I can upload on CatchyCV?
Can I create public profiles on CatchyCV?
Does CatchyCV offer secure payment handling?
Can I get AI-generated interview questions on CatchyCV?
Are there different plans for job seekers and recruiters on CatchyCV?
How can I upgrade or cancel my CatchyCV membership plan?
What are the AI review and summarization features on CatchyCV?

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