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Data analysis, formulas, and preparation streamlined.
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Formula Bot is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline data analysis tasks, data preparation, and formula generation. It combines these functionalities into one comprehensive tool, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.

With Cellie, your AI data analyst, users can harness the power of artificial intelligence to optimize their data-related workflows.The tool offers various features, such as formula generation, data preparation, and data analysis, specifically tailored to meet the needs of users working with spreadsheets and databases.

Users can generate formulas or explanations for data and spreadsheet tasks, including Excel formulas and SQL queries. Additionally, they can create spreadsheet templates and receive instructions for non-formula related tasks like chart creation and formatting.Formula Bot also includes a data analyzer that allows users to upload their data, ask questions, and receive results in the form of data, charts, and recommendations.

The tool enables data exploration, insights generation, and data visualization.Moreover, Formula Bot integrates AI capabilities into spreadsheets, providing predefined functions and a chat-like interface called ChatGPT.

This empowers users to automate tasks, perform sentiment analysis, classify text into categories, extract specific information, retrieve information, and make inferences.Formula Bot offers both a free basic plan and a premium plan with unlimited formula generations, data analyzer usage, and ChatGPT/data automations in Excel and Google Sheets add-ons.

The premium plan caters to users who require frequent data and spreadsheet support.Overall, Formula Bot revolutionizes the way users work with data and spreadsheets by leveraging AI technology to offer comprehensive data analysis, formula generation, and data preparation capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Combines data analysis tasks
Data and formula preparation
Creates spreadsheet templates
Short guide for non-formula tasks
Contains data analyzer
Allows data uploading
Generates results as data
Results in form of charts
Offers recommendations based on data
Automates tasks
Performs sentiment analysis
Classifies text into categories
Extracts specific information
ChatGPT integrated for retrieval
Makes inference from data
Free basic plan
Premium plan for unlimited uses
Excel and Google Sheets add-ons
Successful with Fortune 500
Generates Excel or Google Sheets formulas
Generates SQL queries
Provides non-formula related instructions
Produces VBA or Apps Script
Generates Regex
Supports multiple languages
Available on multiple platforms


Only works with Excel
Limited functionality on free plan
Limited input types
No offline usage
Possible data privacy issues
Dependent on internet speed
Limited to Excel and Google Sheets
Requires installation
Limited ChatGPT usage on free plan


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