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Generated by ChatGPT is a website offering a collection of AI-generated stock photos and images for free. The images are lifelike and highly detailed, and are available in high resolution for creative projects.

The collection consists of portraits of people from diverse backgrounds, in a variety of settings and contexts. It includes portraits of people in cities, business settings, and summer settings, as well as children.

All of the images are generated using advanced AI technology, and are available for free. The website also provides information about licensing and legal terms, as well as contact information. is a great resource for anyone looking for AI-generated stock photos and images for their creative projects.

Cgfaces was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free high-resolution images
Diverse collection
Portraits of varied backgrounds
City backgrounds
Business backgrounds
Summer backgrounds
Child portraits
Licensing information available
Contact information provided
Highly detailed images
For creative projects
Instant access available
Registration option
Search functionality
Image descriptions
Defined image categories


No image categories filter
Sign up required
No downloadable content previews
Lacks search function
Limited licensing information
No community features
No mobile optimization
No user-generated content
No batch download option
No rating system


What is CGfaces?
How are the images on CGfaces generated?
Are the images on CGfaces available for free?
In what resolution can I download images from CGfaces?
Does CGfaces offer only AI-generated portraits?
Can I use the images for any creative projects?
What sort of licensing does CGfaces offer?
What kind of portraits can I find on CGfaces?
How diverse are the backgrounds of the people in the CGfaces image gallery?
How do I get in contact with CGfaces?
How do I join CGfaces?
Does CGfaces feature images of children?
What kind of business settings are portrayed in CGfaces' images?
What does CGfaces' city collection include?
Are there summer scenes available in CGfaces' collection?
Does CGfaces provide the images in high-resolution?
What are the legal terms of using assets from CGfaces?
How can I browse the collections on CGfaces?
Do they offer a description for each image on CGfaces?
Are images on CGfaces randomly generated or curated into collections?


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