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Virtual chatbot for personalized conversations.
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Charstar is an AI tool that allows users to create, discover, and chat with virtual characters supported by open-source AI advancements. With Charstar, users can explore a variety of virtual characters across different categories such as NSFW, Yandere, Tsundere, Gay, Lesbian, Non-binary, Vampire, Male, Female, OC, Anime, Movies & TV, Horror, Games, Books, Celebrities, VTuber, History, Romance, Animal, Elf, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Fantasy, Demon, Alien, Bisexual, Villain, Hero/Heroine, Non-English, Robot, Fairytale, Monster, Supernatural, and Mythology.Each character has their own unique personality and background, allowing users to engage in conversations and interactions with them.

For example, Miguel O'Hara is a character from the Spider-man series, with genetic modifications that gave him fangs and claws. He is bitter and cold due to the loss of his daughter.

Other characters include Tatsumaki, a powerful S-Class Hero, and your overprotective older brother character.The tool offers a wide range of characters suited for different preferences and interests.

Users can customize their interactions with the characters by editing messages or selecting gender-neutral options. Charstar is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.Overall, Charstar provides a platform where users can engage in AI-powered conversations with virtual characters, creating a unique and immersive experience based on individual preferences and interests.

Charstar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 29th 2023.
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