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Transforming chats into charts and diagrams
Generated by ChatGPT

ChartAI is an AI-based tool designed to enhance the functionality of charts and diagrams by utilising ChatGPT. It aims to advance the way people interact and understand graphical data.

Instead of a traditional approach where users visually interpret information, ChartAI uses advanced AI algorithms to make this process more interactive and intuitive.

It integrates the capabilities of ChatGPT to facilitate dialogues surrounding the elements within the charts. This allows users to ask questions or make statements about the data, and receive meaningful and contextually accurate responses.

The tool deciphers complex graphical data and presents it in an easy-to-comprehend conversational format, thereby helping both novice and expert users to extract valuable insights more easily.

It presents a new way to engage with data exploration, analysis, and interpretation in multiple sectors, be it business, academia, research, or other fields that heavily rely on data-based decision making.

Please note that as an AI-driven tool, updates and improvement to ChartAI are ongoing to account for advancement in AI capabilities and user needs.


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May 21, 2023
Okay for mind maps

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Pros and Cons


High-quality diagram creation
Creates various chart types
Optimizes timelines
Adjusts charts automatically
Identifies dependencies
Auto-generates layouts
Creates user journeys
Customized user journey maps
Free beta testing
Co-pilot for diagramming
Schedule a demo option
Dialogue interaction with charts
ChatGPT integration
Makes complex data easy
Offers conversational data understanding
Data exploration enhancement
Useful in multiple sectors
Ongoing upgrades and improvements


Limited diagram types
Reliance on input data
No offline access
No multi-user collaboration
No mobile app
Not open source
No template library
No version control
Beta stage reliability
No pricing info yet


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Can ChartAI identify dependencies and generate layouts automatically?
Does ChartAI only create 2D diagrams or are there 3D options as well?
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Can ChartAI integrate with other software or data sources?

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