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Create charts and diagrams professionally.
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ChartAI is an AI-based diagramming application designed to help professionals easily create high-quality sequence diagrams, Gantt charts, user journeys, ER diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps, pie charts, class diagrams, state diagrams, and Git diagrams.

The tool works by inputting data and diagram requirements, and letting the AI engine handle the rest, resulting in professional-looking diagrams or charts within minutes.

ChartAI is intended to supercharge planning tasks by utilizing AI technology to optimize timelines, adjust charts, identify dependencies, and generate layouts automatically.

This leaves users with the ability to focus on their project goals, without worrying about the intricacies of diagramming. The user journey feature is another standout feature that allows professionals to create user journeys that accurately represent user experiences.

By inputting UX requirements, ChartAI's AI engine can build a customized user journey map in no time.ChartAI currently offers free beta testing, with Pro plans coming in the future.

The tool is described as a co-pilot for diagramming tasks and is ideal for individuals or companies looking for a fast, efficient, and reliable means of generating professional-quality diagrams or charts.

Additionally, ChartAI provides the option of getting in touch to schedule a demo for anyone who is still in doubt or would like a more personalized approach to using the tool.


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May 21, 2023
Okay for mind maps

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Pros and Cons


High-quality diagram generation
Variety of diagrams supported
Fast diagram creation
Workflow optimization
Chart adjustment capabilities
Identifies dependencies
Automated layout generation
User journey feature
UX-oriented design
Customized user journey maps
Free beta testing
Forthcoming Pro plans
Ideal for individual or corporate use
Option for scheduled demo
Sequence diagrams
Gantt charts creation
ER diagrams creation
Mind maps creation
Pie charts creation
Class diagrams creation
State diagrams creation
Git diagrams creation
Timeline optimization
Relationship identification in diagrams
Adjustable diagrams
Fast, efficient workflow
Reliable results
Assists in focusing on project goals
Saves time on diagramming tasks
Simplified input requirement
Suits various professional needs
Enhanced planning tasks
Accurate representation of user experiences
Automated chart adjustments
Enhanced productivity
Professional-looking diagrams
Supportive customer service
Personalized approach to users


No offline functionality
No information about API
Unspecified future Pro pricing
No clearly defined IT security
Requires constant data input
No indications of customization
Limited diagram types listed
Unspecified data management practices
Potential long response time
Doubts about dependency identification accuracy


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