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ChartPixel distinguishes itself with its AI-assisted data analysis and visualization capabilities. It's not just about graph generation; it's about generating actionable insights backed by statistics.
It's designed to be intuitive, eliminating the steep learning curve often associated with data analysis tools.

Instant Data Visualization:
Transform your data into visually appealing interactive charts and insights.

Data Cleaning and Feature Engineering:
Cleans messy data in your uploaded spreadsheets (Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets) and also creates new, valuable features.

AI and statistics-powered data insights:
Automatically selects relevant columns and chart types supported by AI-powered explained insights.

Variety of chart types:
Offers over twenty different chart types with explanatory insights.

One-click share & export:
Converts data insights into PowerPoint presentations, combining visual appeal with statistical accuracy. Upcoming features include dashboard publishing and exporting to Word & Excel.

Survey analysis backed by statistics:
Analyzes multi-select questions, performs in-depth segmentation analysis, supports abbreviating long column names, and performs comment & text analysis.

Keyword Search Tool:
Finds and transforms web data tables into charts.

Mobile optimized:
Get insights on the go.

ChartPixel is ideal for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and data analysts who need to analyze and visualize data quickly and efficiently without the complexities of traditional data analysis tools.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned analytics professional, ChartPixel guides you through the data-driven journey effortlessly.

API is now available to show your analysis and graphs directly on your platform.

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Mar 13, 2024
An incredibly impressive tool for analysis and visualization. Provided deep and sometimes surprising insights into my data I would not have considered previously. Can definitely recommend
Dec 9, 2023
Easy to use, intuitive, and insightful at the same time. Great for data enthusiasts who need help to contextualize and combine info from multiple datasets.

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Pros and Cons


Instant visualization
Smart data analysis
PowerPoint presentations integration
Web data integration
Various data types support
Automates column selection
Handles messy data
Data features suggestion
Direct data to insights
Provides guidelines to data analysis
Supports multiple file formats
Automated insights ordering
One click export
Cloud database connectivity
Dynamic chart customization
Supports various chart types
Integrates keyword search tool
Automated data cleaning
Data exploration guidance
Provides data-driven insights
Automatic features engineering
Backed up by statistics
Online sharing options
Internet data search
User-friendly interface
Handles data anomalies
Automated data forecasts
Cleans missing values
Manages unit and currencies
Automates country codes
Mobile optimized
Manages unstructured data


No API mentioned
Limited chart customization
No offline mode
Limited data source integrations
Only exports to PowerPoint
No multi-language support
No details about scalability


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