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Algorithm for customized conversation starters.
Generated by ChatGPT's chat-example is an AI-driven tool that provides conversation starters tailored to the personalities of two people. It requires JavaScript to be enabled to run the app.

The user inputs information about themselves such as their field of study, hobbies and interests, and the app responds with suggested conversation starters.

This tool is particularly useful for people who find it difficult to start conversations or for those who want to make sure their conversations are engaging and relevant.

The conversation starters are generated using AI algorithms to ensure the most appropriate suggestions are provided. The tool is open source and is available on GitHub.


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Jul 23, 2023
not even an ai

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Chat-example was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 17th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized conversation suggestions
Requires JavaScript only
Open source availability
GitHub integration
Useful for social initiation
Appropriate suggestions


Requires JavaScript
Personal data input required
Not mobile optimized
Limited conversation scenarios
Dependent on user honesty
Unpredictable suggestion quality
No user interface customization
Limited potential userbase
No offline functionality
Open-source (potential security risk)


What is's chat-example?
How does the chat-example produce conversation starters?
What kind of information do I need to provide chat-example to get suggestions?
Does's chat-example require specific software to operate?
What can I do if I find chat-example not working on my browser?
In what scenarios can the chat-example tool be most useful?
What does it mean that chat-example is AI-driven?
How does the chat-example ensure the conversation starters are relevant?
Is's chat-example tool available for public use?
Can I contribute to the development of the chat-example tool?
How can I collaborate and contribute to's chat-example on GitHub?
How does the chat-example adapt to non-standard hobbies or interests?
Is there a limit to the number of conversation starters's chat-example can provide?
Can the chat-example be used for group conversation starters or just one-to-one?
Is the chat-example able to generate conversation starters in different languages?
How responsive is the chat-example tool on different devices?
Does the chat-example tool save user data? If so, how is my privacy protected?
What's the technology behind the AI algorithm of chat-example?
Where do I report bugs or issues with the chat-example tool?
What are the steps to set up the chat-example tool on my device?

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