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Engaging conversational chatbot.
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AIM (AI Instant Messenger) is a chat tool that allows users to converse with an AI chatbot named SmartestChild, which is powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) called Vicuna-13B.

Vicuna is trained by LMSysModel, an organization focused on creating large and accurate language models. The tool is powered by Apache TVM and MLC Relax Runtime, and runs entirely in the browser with WebGPU, which allows for faster and more efficient processing.

Since no data is sent to the server, conversations are cached in local storage. The chatbot responds to users in lowercase, frequent emojis, and 2000s internet abbreviations.

Users can create new conversations, save them, and edit them as they wish. However, it should be noted that some features may be unsupported if the user does not have a supported GPU or is not using Desktop Google Chrome 113 or higher.

AIM is open source and developed by r2d4/react-llm. The tool provides an interactive and fun way to communicate with an AI chatbot and serves as a demonstration of the power of large language models to understand and generate human-like language.


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Pros and Cons


Entirely browser-based
Powered by WebGPU
Faster, efficient processing
Server-free operation
Data cached locally
Uses frequent emojis
Utilizes 2000s internet abbreviations
Editable conversation threads
Open source tool
Demonstrates power of LLMs
No data sent to server
Uses Large Language Model Vicuna-13B
Developed by r2d4/react-llm
Chrome 113+ compatible
GPU support for rapid performance
Apache TVM and MLC Relax Runtime
Operates in unsupported GPUs
Can save and create conversation
Offers an engaging conversational experience
Provides user privacy assurance
Powered by LMSysModel
Supports new conversation creation
Carries an MIT license


Limited to Google Chrome 113+
Requires GPU support
Browser-based only
Cannot handle missing support gracefully
Conversations stored locally only
Potentially inefficient on non-GPU systems
Limited linguistic style
Emojis may feel non-professional
Inability to change conversation style
Language model possibly outdated


What is AIM?
Who is the AI chatbot within AIM?
What language model is powering SmartestChild?
Who trained Vicuna-13B?
How is AIM able to function entirely in the browser?
What technologies is AIM powered by?
Where is conversation data stored in AIM?
Is the use of AIM limited by GPU support?
Does AIM work on any web browser?
What's the unique language style of SmartestChild?
Can I create new conversations within AIM?
Can conversations be saved and edited in AIM?
Why does AIM only work in Desktop Google Chrome 113 and above?
Is AIM an open-source project?
Is there a way to communicate with the team behind AIM?
What are the minimal requirements for using AIM?
Why does SmartestChild respond in lowercase, with emojis and internet abbreviations?
What is r2d4/react-llm and what is their role with AIM?
What is AIM's license?
Who is Matt Rickard in relation to AIM?

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