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Customized learning: personalized building and tutoring.
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Chat2Course is an AI-powered tool that enables individuals to personalize their learning experience and create their own courses. With a personal course builder and AI tutor, Chat2Course offers customized learning experiences for users to master their desired skills at any time.

The platform uses AI to generate courses based on user preferences and educational needs. Users can browse example courses created by the AI to get an idea of the type of content and teaching style that might work for them.

The tool offers a range of courses covering different topics such as digital marketing, indie hacking, and the pre-big bang universe.Users can customize their learning further by choosing their preferred learning style, whether that be microlearning, storytelling, conversational, or active learning.

After gathering information about the user and their desired course, Chat2Course generates a customized curriculum with exclusive content catered to their learning needs.

Users can also chat with ChatGPT, the AI instructor, to gain deeper insights and ask questions about course topics. Additionally, users have the ability to edit and refine the course content to suit their learning objectives and align with their audience needs.In summary, Chat2Course is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the course creation process and offers a personalized learning experience for individuals looking to master new skills on their own time.


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Jul 30, 2023
Jun 12, 2023
Sometimes the writing style not as good as human, but the key points it offers is excellent. Pretty easy to use.
Jun 11, 2023
The free version make a course outline, but there is no way to see if the tool can actually build a course without paying.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized course creation
Multiple learning styles supported
Customized curriculum output
Deep insights with ChatGPT
Content editing capability
Alignment with audience needs
Course creation simplification
Interactive curriculum design
Publication and sharing options
GPT-4 learning experience


Limited to English language
No multi-user collaboration
Lack of live human support
No mobile app available
No noted accessibility features
Can be over-Complex for beginners
No disclosed user data privacy
Content refinement requires user's time


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Can I share the courses I create using Chat2Course?
Do I have any control over the content of the courses I create with Chat2Course?
Can I edit my course after its creation in Chat2Course?
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