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CSV to chart conversion using natural language commands.
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Chat2CSV is a data visualization tool that allows users to transform CSV files into various types of charts using natural language commands. With an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency, the platform eliminates the need for complex coding or scripting.

Users can provide instructions in plain English, such as "create a bar chart of sales by region," and the tool will generate the desired visualization.

The platform's AI support not only understands user commands but also provides suggestions on the most suitable charts for data analysis, enhancing insights and analysis.

With a wide variety of chart types available, including pie charts, scatter plots, line graphs, and bar charts, users can effectively visualize their data.

Data security is a priority for Chat2CSV. The platform's servers only process metadata, ensuring that the actual data remains on the user's side, guaranteeing privacy and data security.

Free access to the platform is available, allowing users to explore its features with minor limitations. A premium plan is also coming soon, offering increased query limits, the ability to work with multiple CSV files, larger file size limits, and cloud storage.

Users have praised the platform for its intuitive interface and ease of use, with the AI assistant providing valuable suggestions for chart types and transforming data analysis into an enjoyable experience.


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Chat2CSV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms CSV to charts
Uses natural language commands
No coding or scripting required
Handles variety of chart types
Data remains on user's side
Processing is metadata-based
Free access available
Premium plan offers further benefits
Intuitive interface
Provides data analysis insights
Multiple CSV files handling (Premium)
Large file size limits (Premium)
Cloud storage (Premium)
Optimized for data security
Easy instructions in plain English
Quick data visualization
Efficient chart creation
Highly focused on data privacy
Simple pricing structure
Increases query limits (Premium)
Supports line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots
Accurate inventory tracking
Organizes contacts, service providers, invoices
Personal dashboard (Premium)
Chart history (Premium)
Advanced features for data analysis (Premium)
Handles varying CSV file sizes


CSV file input only
Extra features upcoming only
Small file size limits
Free access limitations
No direct Excel export
Strictly English commands
Multiple file handling upcoming
Lack of API
No offline capabilities


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Does Chat2CSV prioritize data security?
Where does the actual data get processed when using Chat2CSV?
Is there free access to Chat2CSV?
What limitations does the free version of Chat2CSV have?
What benefits will the upcoming premium plan of Chat2CSV offer?
What makes Chat2CSV different from other data visualization tools?
How does the AI support feature in Chat2CSV assist users?
How user-friendly is Chat2CSV?
Do I need any coding or scripting knowledge to use Chat2CSV?
Can I use Chat2CSV to work with multiple CSV files at once?
What is the file size limit for CSV files on Chat2CSV?
What's the maximum number of queries per hour allowed in the premium plan of Chat2CSV?
What are the AI prompts in the Chat2CSV feature functionalities?
Where can I try Chat2CSV for free?
How do users generally find the interface and usability of Chat2CSV?


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