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Generated by ChatGPT is a tool that provides users with a better version of ChatGPT, with additional features such as team collaboration, prompt library, and never-down service.

Users can choose from a variety of models, including ChatGPT and GPT-4, and organize their chats into folders to keep things organized. Furthermore, users can upload documents and let the AI assistant answer any questions they have about the documents.

The tool offers more than 150 built-in prompts, and users can also create their own.'s pricing is simple and transparent, with a free plan available and plans for hobbyists and individuals, small teams and businesses, and custom needs.

Additionally, the tool provides customers with excellent customer service, with answers to frequently asked questions available and a support team that can be contacted with any inquiries.

The tool promises to be faster and more efficient than ChatGPT and offers the added benefit of being user-friendly and easy to use. In summary, is a powerful tool for users looking to improve their chatbot experience and is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to collaborate effectively with their team.

ChatABC was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multiple chatbot models
Team collaboration feature
Prompt library
Always operational
Document upload capability
Chat organization feature
Microphone use
Transparent pricing
Free plan available
Excellent customer service
Faster than ChatGPT
User-friendly interface
Ideal for businesses
GPT-4 support
Over 150 builtin prompts
Custom prompt creation
Options for hobbyists
Pricing for teams
Custom enterprise plans
FAQs assistance
Customizable chatbot characters
Free custom subdomain
Chat synchronization across devices


No mobile app
Limited model options
Pricing may be high
Not open source
Custom prompt creation needed
Microphone use may have bugs
Team version not yet available


What makes better than ChatGPT?
What models are available for use on
How does the 'never-down service' feature work in
Can users upload any document to
What is a prompt library, and how can a user create their own in
What plans are available in
What is the 'team collaboration' feature on
What are the included features within each pricing plan on
What is the 'search web' feature in ChatABC?
How can I organize my chats into folders on ChatABC?
How can the microphone feature be used on
Can the character of my AI assistant be customized on
Is it possible to test for free before making a purchase?
What makes faster and more efficient than other similar tools?
Does support GPT-4 model?
What support and customer service options are offered by
Why might be a better choice for businesses and teams?
What is the process to upload a document in
Is there any discount on pricing available in
Are there any upcoming features to be added on

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