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Creating hyper-realistic 3D assets from text or images.
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Rodin and ChatAvatar, developed by DeemosTech, are advanced 3D asset generating tools. ChatAvatar is a tool designed for producing hyper-realistic 3D facial assets using PBR textures derived from both text and images.

Its production-ready nature makes it a versatile tool for creating highly detailed and vivid 3D facial representations. In conjunction with this, Rodin, still approaching its production phase, also creates realistic 3D models from text or images.

Its sophistication enables the generation of 3D models that reflect true-to-life representations. Both tools utilize unique diffusion models and leverage a Production-Ready Assets dataset to facilitate their function.

An important aspect that makes these product appealing is their compatibility with established game development platforms and 3D computer graphics software, namely, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Maya.

As such, the tools are well-positioned to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the creation of 3D assets for these platforms. Remember that JavaScript must be enabled to efficiently run these applications.


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Sep 30, 2023
So cool and innovative!

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Pros and Cons


Generates 3D avatars
Customizable avatar features
Progressive animation
Range of avatars
Iconic avatar selection
User avatar creation
Multiple payment methods
Premium features access
Online gaming use
Social media avatar use
Chat app avatar use
True-to-life representations
Text-to-3D capability
Image-to-3D capability
Diffusion models usage
Unity compatible
Unreal Engine compatible
Maya compatible
Hyper-realistic 3D faces
PBR Textures used
Facial Asset Production
Game development oriented
Beta stage access
Saves user-generated avatars
Includes popular culture avatars
Fictional characters avatars
Real-life personalities avatars
Multiple avatar purposes
Production-Ready Assets dataset
Provides pre-existing avatars
Online communication enhancement
Online interaction improvement
JavaScript compatible
Enhances 3D asset creation
Hyper-realistic 3D assets
Production-ready tool
Advanced 3D asset generation


Beta stage
Compatibility limited to specific platforms
Requires JavaScript
Limited avatar customization options
Relies on text/image input
Potential limitations in payment methods
Limited to known personalities & characters
No free access stated
No apparent offline usage


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