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Generated 3D avatars for online communication.
Generated by ChatGPT

ChatAvatar is an AI tool developed by Deemos Inc. that allows users to generate 3D avatars that can be used for chat applications or other online activities.

The tool uses AI and text guidance to generate progressively animatable 3D faces that can be customized based on user preferences. The tool provides users with various avatars that can be selected based on their appearance, age, gender, and personality traits.

Users can also generate their own avatars by providing details such as eye color, hair style, facial features, and clothing preferences.The ChatAvatar tool is currently in its beta stage, and users can access it through the Deemos website.

The tool provides users with a range of pre-existing avatars that are based on popular culture icons, fictional characters, and real-life personalities.

Users can also create their own avatars, which can be saved and used for various purposes, such as online gaming, social media profiles, and chat applications.

The tool supports various payment methods, including Paypal, Alipay, and code redemption, which allows users to access premium features.Overall, ChatAvatar is a useful AI tool that provides users with the ability to generate customizable 3D avatars that can be used for various online applications.

The tool offers users a range of pre-existing avatars and allows them to create their own unique avatars, which can be customized based on their preferences.

The tool is currently in its beta stage, but it shows promising potential for improving online communication and interaction.


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Sep 30, 2023
So cool and innovative!

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ChatAvatar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 3D avatars
Text guided generation
Customizable avatars
Pre-existing avatar selections
User-created avatars
Payment options included
Broad avatar customization
Cultural and real-life avatars
Online Compatibility
Personalized appearance selection
Avatar trait options
User friendly interface
Supports in-app purchases
Detailed avatar descriptions
Various selection methods
Avatar age option
Persona generation capabilities
Online accessible tool
Various hair style options
Multiple eye color choices
Facial feature customization
Choice of clothing style
Saves created avatars
Updates avatar features
Multi-platform compatibility
Iconic avatar creation
Fictional character generation
Real-life personality models
Premium feature access
Variety of payment methods
Popular culture avatars
Unique avatar creation
User preference based selection
Supported by various browsers
Development stage transparency
Ability to influence design
Pre-set avatar pack options


Only available via website
Currently in beta stage
Lack of API
Limited payment methods
Doesn't support animation
Avatar customizability is finite
Limited range of pre-existing avatars
Doesn't feature non-human avatars
No offline functionality


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