ChatGPT for Android 2023-03-15
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Personalized chatbot for Android.
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ChatBoost is a third-party ChatGPT client designed for the Android platform, aimed at enriching the ChatGPT experience. By using your own OpenAI KEY, this tool provides users with more features beyond basic chat functionality.

ChatBoost offers a rich library of prompts covering various topics, custom prompts, voice messaging, message history, and quick actions, all of which help users communicate with ChatGPT more efficiently and personally.

With ChatBoost, users can create personalized prompts that adjust to individual interests, communicate through voice messages, and conveniently review chat history.

The tool optimizes chat page spacing, allowing for the display of more content, presenting a diverse and engaging chat experience. The most recent update to ChatBoost includes an additional feature that allows users to share their own created Prompts by long-pressing the entry.

This version also provides an improved About page, adding more information about the products that the Muggle Studio has created, and fixing known bugs.

The tool does not collect or share data with third parties, and users can review data privacy and security practices that may vary based on their use, region, and age.

ChatBoost provides a more powerful and personalized ChatGPT experience, enticing a more comprehensive and engaging conversation than the ChatGPT itself.


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ChatBoost was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for Android
Rich prompt library
Custom prompts
Voice messaging
Message history
Quick actions
Optimized chat page spacing
Sharing created prompts
Improved About page
No data shared or collected
App updates including bug fixes
Personalized chat experience
In-app purchases
500+ downloads
Rated PEGI 3
Data safety features
Allows review conversations
Efficient use of ChatGPT
Products from Muggle Studio


Android exclusive
No data export option
Possibly limited developer support
In-app purchases
No batch conversation handling
No multi-language support
Limited user interface customization
No integration with other apps


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Does ChatBoost collect or share data?
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Is ChatBoost an official product of OpenAI or a third-party tool?
How does ChatBoost optimize chat page spacing?
Can I review my data privacy and security practices on ChatBoost?
Who is the developer behind ChatBoost?


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