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Customizable chatbots for customer support.
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ChatbotGPT is a no-code platform that allows businesses to create custom AI chatbots trained on their own data. It simplifies customer support, onboarding new team members, and streamlines the team's workflow.

The tool offers features specifically tailored for customer support, such as efficient handling of frequently asked questions and simple support requests, providing 24/7 support, and easy implementation on websites.

The tool also caters to makers, offering a user-friendly no-code platform for creating and managing AI chatbots, even without technical knowledge. It provides seamless integrations with platforms like Slack and Whatsapp, allowing businesses to engage with their audience on preferred channels.

Additionally, the tool allows users to easily load data from any source, ask questions, extract information, and summarize documents using AI.ChatbotGPT supports more than 100 languages and can handle sources in any language.

The content of the documents uploaded for chatbot training is securely hosted on AWS servers in Europe. Users can customize their chatbots by editing the base prompt, giving them a name, personality traits, and instructions.

The tool uses ChatGPT (gpt-4) model, with plans to support other models in the future.Thousands of businesses worldwide are already leveraging ChatbotGPT's generative AI platform for their specific business use cases.

The tool is highly recommended for businesses seeking to build their own custom AI chatbots.


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