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Automate conversations and manage leads on WhatsApp.
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ChatDaddy is an AI-powered, WhatsApp-dedicated platform designed to automate customer interactions, manage prospects, and elevate business growth. The tool has a range of features including AI chatbots that autonomously answer support inquiries, instant message reply suggestions, and tone alterations to better suit client needs.

Cloud-based team inbox allows efficient collaboration among teammates, while assignments prioritizes tasks and optimizes workflow. The platform also offers multi-agent access and ticketing for complex problem resolution; internal note for sharing customer-specific information among team members; and omnichannel for integrating all conversations into a single platform.

Another key feature is the no-code chatbot builder that creates and deploys powerful chatbots without requiring technical skills. The customizable flow tailors chatbots to specific business need with keyword reply ensuring swift and relevant responses.

ChatDaddy also offers WhatsApp-specific features including broadcasting tailored messages to large audiences and sending real-time shop notifications.

Lastly, the platform seamlessly integrates with numerous popular eCommerce, CRM, automation, and productivity tools.


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ChatDaddy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


WhatsApp-dedicated platform
Automates customer interactions
Manages prospects
Elevates business growth
Instant message recommendations
Tone alterations for clients
Cloud-based team inbox
Optimized workflow with assignments
Multi-agent access
Integrated ticketing system
Internal note sharing
Omnichannel conversation integration
No-code chatbot builder
Customizable chatbot flow
Keyword reply feature
Broadcasting tailored messages
Real-time shop notifications
Seamless integration with popular tools
Centralized CRM platform
Effortless chatbot creation
Time and cost savings
ChatDaddy GPT-4-powered bot
Recaps conversations for agents
Support volume reduction
Collaborative ticketing system
Effective team collaboration
Targeted outreach feature
Boosted customer loyalty
Real-time analytical reports
Instant customer connection
Custom action capabilities
300+ app integrations
Easy-to-use APIs and webhooks
Customizable reports
Bot performance monitoring
Message flow without coding
Pre-designed chatbot templates
Guided product tours
Onboarding checklists
Broadcast software for promos
Efficient task assigning
WhatsApp specific features
Training document based support
Conversational learning for replies
Workflow building with bots and triggers
Boosted customer engagement
Personalized support and customer communications
Built-in CRM for customer profiles
Wide array of eCommerce, CRM, automation, and productivity tool integrations
Unified platform for all conversations


Limited to WhatsApp
No desktop client
No voice support
Missing advanced analytics features
Lack structured workflow management
Limited CRM integrations
Doesn't support less known ecommerce platforms
No multi-language support
Dependent on WhatsApp's policy changes
Limited customization options


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