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Chat to create and edit any image
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ChatDesigner helps users to generate and adjust AI images through a chat interface in a style reminiscent of having a conversation with a designer. Aimed at a broad range of users, from professionals seeking headshots and product images to those wanting to create fun, artistic renderings, this tool offers a range of image modification and creation features.

The interface allows users to create images ranging from portraits and product pictures to 3D renderings and costume photos. Utilizing prompts, users can easily modify images, changing elements and adjusting the placement, color, and style of components within the images.

The ability to generate images from text or from uploaded or previously generated images opens up opportunities for creative iterations. It also offers multi-round iterations in one conversation, removing the need to jump between different tools.

Specific features include creating images with a Halloween, yearbook, or professional aesthetic, making product photos, trying outfits on AI models, transforming images into 3D animations, and retouching images for precise editing.

Furthermore, users can generate images built around specific targets, styles, or thematic elements.


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ChatDesigner was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chat-based interface
Multi-image creation
Broad user flexibility
Supports 3D renderings
Image modification features
Allows creative iterations
Multi-round iterations
Halloween aesthetics available
Professional aesthetics available
Supports product photos
Transforms images into 3D
Image retouching service
Targets specific styles
Supports thematic elements
Graphic Designing support
Portraits and headshots available
Yearbook aesthetic
Image generation from text
Upload and modify
No jumping between tools
Easy dress trial-on
3D photo creation prompt
Text-based editing
Images from images feature
Precise retouching option
Image expansion capabilities
Allows creative exploration


Chat interface could be limiting
No mention of template options
Specificity in prompts unclear
Uncertain 3D rendering quality
Potential complexity in multi-round iterations
Lack of advanced editing features
Insufficient detail on text-to-image generation
Dependence on user creativity
Infinite image expansion capabilities questionable


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