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Blocked website/app access by bots.
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Click Allow is an AI-powered security tool designed to prevent automated bots from accessing websites or applications. It does this by requiring the user to click a button that says “Allow” before they can proceed.

This simple action is enough to stop most automated bots from gaining access, as it requires human interaction. The AI component of Click Allow is used to determine whether a user is a real person or a bot, using a variety of methods such as facial recognition, IP address tracking, and other methods of identifying human users.

This tool is easy to implement and is an effective way to protect websites and applications from automated bots. It is ideal for websites or applications that want to ensure that only real people can access their content, and it is also useful for sites that want to prevent large amounts of automated traffic from accessing their resources.

Click Allow is an effective and efficient way to keep automated bots out and protect your website or application.

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Pros and Cons


Blocks automated bot access
Deploys user interaction
Uses facial recognition
Applies IP address tracking
Easy to implement
Ideal for content protection
Effective against high traffic
Efficient protection solution
Confirms user human identity


Requires user interaction
IP address tracking privacy concerns
Potential false positives
Limitations in facial recognition
Can disrupt user experience
Might block legitimate bots
Depends on user device capabilities
More suited to high-traffic sites
Tough to implement with accessibility
Could slow down page load


What is the main function of Click Allow?
How does Click Allow distinguish between a human and a bot?
Which methods does Click Allow use to identify human users?
Is Click Allow efficient in blocking automated bot access?
How easy is it to implement Click Allow on a website or application?
What kind of websites or applications would benefit most from using Click Allow?
Does Click Allow use facial recognition to identify users?
Does implementing Click Allow require any technical knowledge?
Can Click Allow prevent overwhelming traffic from automated bots on my site?
Does Click Allow need the user to perform any actions to determine if they are not a bot?
What does the user have to do to confirm they are not a bot on Click Allow?
Does Click Allow track IP addresses to identify human users?
Is Click Allow only suitable for certain types of websites and applications?
Can Click Allow ensure only humans access my content?
How does Click Allow help in protecting my website or application?
Does Click Allow efficiently stop most automated bots?
Can I customize the Click Allow button on my website?
Does Click Allow offer any additional security features?
What are the prerequisites for implementing Click Allow?
Is Click Allow capable of dealing with advanced or complex automated bots?

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