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Improved translation quality & efficiency.
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The tool described is a document translation tool that utilizes artificial intelligence for faster and better translations. It can be used on a Mac or PC, and users can work remotely from anywhere.

The tool offers private translation memories to avoid repeatedly translating the same sentences, neural machine translation to improve productivity, terminology databases to maintain consistency across different types of media, public translation memories to reuse available translations from official multilingual websites, a comparative revision tool to ensure proper translation of the original text, quality control tools to check for grammar, spelling errors, inconsistencies, typos, etc., synonym lists to improve style, and sharing options to split large projects among multiple translators.

It is an all-in-one solution for professional translators that helps boost productivity by storing and reusing translations. The tool provides various tools to ensure quality translations, has a perfect integration with terminology tools, and provides translation suggestions from previous projects or by searching for identical or similar sentences among sentence databases.


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Pros and Cons


Improved translation efficiency
Private translation memories
Neural machine translation
Terminology databases
Public translation memories
Comparative revision tool
Quality control tools
Synonym lists
Sharing options for projects
Integration with terminology tools
Translation suggestions from databases
Remote working compatibility
Consistent across media types
Mac and PC supported
Reuse previous translations
Single interface for all documents
Retains original document formatting
Document-specific translating
Translation memory import
Attach translation memories to projects
Connect other translation systems like DeepL
Public translation memories built in
In-built terminology databases
Quality checks as you type
ChatGPT for definitions, translations, etc.
Cloud Search for term context
Screen layout customisation
Secure project sharing
Real-time translation access for team members
Project splitting for team work
Project message exchange feature
Proofreading options
Synonyms for better writing
Secure translation memory sharing
Notes attachment and comments feature
Workload analysis during project creation
Supports multiple file formats
Volume analysis for workload estimation
No software installation required


Limited mobile experience
Project division not dynamic
Error messages not descriptive
Limited file format support
No offline functionality
No user customization
Inadequate multi-user collaboration
ChatGPT integration limitations
Limited proofreading capability
No software installation needed

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