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Wordscope is a comprehensive AI tool designed to streamline the process of translating documents. It offers an extensive portfolio of features to ensure quality and consistency across translations.

The tool employs neural machine translation to enhance productivity. Wordscope allows storage and reuse of translations with private translation memories, preventing redundancy.

An inclusive terminology database assists in maintaining consistency across different types of content and media. The tool also benefits from public translation memories, which enable the use of translations from official multilingual websites.

Other features include a comparative revision tool for fidelity to the original text, quality control tools for error detection, and synonym lists to enhance style.

It allows project sharing among multiple translators, providing versatility for large-scale works. The tool supports a wide selection of languages. In addition to its technical capabilities, Wordscope is designed for remote accessibility, enabling translations from anywhere on a MAC or PC.

Overall, Wordscope serves as an all-in-one solution for professional translators, aiming to increase productivity and revenue.

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Pros and Cons


Works on Mac or PC
Remote work capability
Private translation memories
Neural machine translation
Terminology databases
Public translation memories
Comparative revision tool
Quality control tools
Synonym lists
Project sharing options
Large language selection
Retains original layout and formatting
ChatGPT integration
Built-in terminology
Error detection as you type
Extensive glossary tab
Cloud Search feature
Customisable screen layout
No software installation required
Project splitting capability
Team work facilitation
Comparative proofreading
Secure resource sharing
Messaging and commenting capability
Translation databases to cross-reference
Type or Paste text feature
Optimized for a minimum width of 1024 pixels
Supports various document types
Improves productivity
Increases translation accuracy
Enhances translation consistency
Saves time and boosts efficiency
Advances translator's knowledge
Supports wide range of subjects
Supports petabyte-scale projects
Secure translation storage
Grammar and spelling correction
Professional translator-oriented
Interface adjustable to taste
Professional translation aids
Automatic underlining of glossary terms
In-built assistance in looking for definitions
Cloud-based secure access
Consistency improvement tools
Content-specific translation support
Enhanced rephrasing tool
Saves on translation costs


No mobile support
Requires minimum screen width
No offline mode
Cannot download shared translation memories
No software installation flexibility
Limited layout customization
File type limitations
No free version available
Dependency on internet connectivity


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