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Email summarization and response automation for Outlook.
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ChatGPT for Outlook is an add-in that allows users to run ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, within the Outlook email client. With this tool, users can generate responses to emails based on their own prompts, directly within the Outlook interface.Key features of ChatGPT for Outlook include the ability to install custom prompts to guide ChatGPT in generating relevant summaries or highlights based on specific needs.

Users can choose to process the entire email or select specific sections, such as the body, subject, or attachments, to focus on the most important information.

The generated output can be displayed in a separate window or replace the original email body for easy comparison and identification of important information.

Additionally, the tool can automatically update the email's importance based on the generated output, such as flagging it as high priority or marking it as important.ChatGPT for Outlook also allows for the management of multiple configurations for different types of emails or scenarios, each with its own set of conditions, prompts, and display preferences.Blueberry Consultants, the creator of this add-in, offers the option to roll out a custom version of ChatGPT for Outlook to teams and businesses.

This custom version can have unique prompts and can be resold to unlimited users, providing an opportunity for businesses to turn their prompt ideas into profitable ventures.Please note that ChatGPT is a registered trademark of OpenAI, and Blueberry Consultants is not affiliated with OpenAI or Microsoft, although they are a Microsoft Partner.


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Feb 4, 2024
Very limited functionality and not easy to configure. No predefined configs. Ugly UI
Oct 12, 2023
The site is down or it doesn't exist anymore.

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Pros and Cons


Email summarization
Response automation
Custom prompts installation
Flexible text processing
Separate output display
Replace original email body
Automatically updates email importance
Multiple configurations management
Custom version for teams
Profitable prompt reselling
Integrated with Outlook
Customizable focus sections
Microsoft Partner
Automated high priority marking


Requires own ChatGPT API key
No pre-installed prompts
Limited to Outlook client
Depends on user's prompts
No multi-platform support
Customization costs extra
Doesn't process attachments
Potential privacy concerns


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Can ChatGPT for Outlook be used for different types of emails or scenarios?
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Who is the creator of the ChatGPT for Outlook plugin?
How does ChatGPT for Outlook help me manage my emails?
Is there a business version of the ChatGPT for Outlook available?

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