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Real-time personalized news and video creation.
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ChatGPT Phantom is a cutting-edge AI tool that enables users to generate real-time, customized news articles and video scripts. It leverages natural language generation algorithms to quickly and accurately analyze real-time data and craft articles that are both informative and easy to read.

It also provides templates for popular video formats, such as tutorials and product demonstrations, to help users create captivating YouTube videos. The tool is free of ads, analytics, trackers, and cookies, and does not gather any user data.

It is open source, allowing users to contribute to the project and be a part of the revolution in chatbot technology. Additionally, users can donate to support the project and its mission to take chatbot technology to new heights.

Finally, users can contact the developer via LinkedIn to collaborate on projects and discuss further ideas.


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ChatGPT Phantom was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time content generation
Personalized news creation
Script templates for videos
No data tracking
Open source
Donation supported
Developer collaboration via LinkedIn
Loved by copywriters and creators
Speedy output
Supports 20+ languages
Built-in plagiarism checker
Unlimited usage
Integrated search engine
Custom prompts and instructions
Generates YouTube script
Wide topic coverage
Community-driven improvements
Up-to-date news generation
Saves research time


Limited to news and videos
Requires custom prompts
Dependent on user input
Not capable of offline use
No built-in plagiarism checker
Lacks ready-to-use content
Relies heavily on templates
No direct customer support
Lack of integrated editing tools
Dependent on user donations


What is ChatGPT Phantom?
What can ChatGPT Phantom do?
How does ChatGPT Phantom generate real-time customized news articles and video scripts?
What are the key features of ChatGPT Phantom?
What templates does ChatGPT Phantom provide for video scripts?
Why is ChatGPT Phantom free of ads, analytics, trackers, and cookies?
Does ChatGPT Phantom gather any user data?
Is ChatGPT Phantom open source?
Can users contribute to the ChatGPT Phantom project?
How can I support the ChatGPT Phantom project?
How can I collaborate with the developer of ChatGPT Phantom?
Who tends to use ChatGPT Phantom most?
In what formats can ChatGPT Phantom generate scripts?
How can I improve my ChatGPT using the ChatGPT Phantom extension?
How can ChatGPT Phantom aid with YouTube video creation?
How frequently are the news topics updated in ChatGPT Phantom?
Does ChatGPT Phantom include a plagiarism checker?
How can ChatGPT Phantom help me stay up-to-date with latest news?
Can I donate to support the ChatGPT Phantom project?
How does ChatGPT Phantom maintain user privacy?

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