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Generate prompts for storytelling or role-playing.
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ChatGPT Prompt Generator is an AI tool that generates writing prompts for creative writing, story-telling, and role-playing games. The tool provides prompts in the form of questions that are designed to inspire the writer or player to imagine and build fictional worlds and characters.

The user inputs two or three parameters - ROLE, TASK, and FORMAT - that determine the kind of prompt they will receive. ROLE refers to the character or group of characters the prompt will be based on, while TASK refers to the task or situation the character(s) will face.

FORMAT refers to the style of the prompt, whether it's a dialogue or a narration. Once the user has filled in the necessary details, they can click the 'Generate Prompt' button and receive a prompt that they can use to start their writing or role-playing journey.

The tool also allows users to copy the generated prompt, and provides a reference to a subreddit that contains more information on the tool and provides additional resources.

Overall, ChatGPT Prompt Generator is a useful tool for writers, role-players, and anyone looking to exercise their creativity by providing them with fun and engaging prompts that help to spark the imagination.


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Nov 5, 2023
The image is of another tool and the real tool is different. This can be misleading for users and can potentially create confusion.

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Pros and Cons


Generates writing prompts
Useful for role-playing games
Prompts inspire creativity
Customizable prompts
Parameters: ROLE, TASK, FORMAT
Prompts vary in style
Easy 'Generate Prompt' button
Copy prompt feature
Prompts for character creation
Prompts for world building
Incorporates subreddit for reference
Additional community resources
Can spark imaginative exercise
Ideal for writers
Narrative-driven prompts
Broad range usage
Promotes diverse character scenarios
Guidance-oriented tool
Interface for quick generation
Encourages creative writing
Inspires storytelling practice
Roleplayers interactive tool
Helpful in idea generation
Flexibility in prompt style
Rewards creative exploration


Lacks customization options
No API for integration
Could lack genre specificity
Limited format choices
Manual parameter input
No auto-refresh feature
Dependant on subreddit resources
Lacks multi-language support
No save function for prompts
No community engagement features


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