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Quickly analyze PDFs and answer questions in chat.
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ChatInDoc is an innovative PDF viewer that incorporates ChatGPT, an AI system developed by OpenAI, to provide efficient and time-saving solutions for long and complex PDF documents, such as academic papers, instruction manuals, and IR reports.

With ChatInDoc, users can chat with the AI system and ask it to summarize sections of PDFs, explain unfamiliar terms, and analyze IR reports. The AI system is based on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which have shown a performance comparable to humans, demonstrating a high level of understanding and capability in natural language processing.

ChatInDoc offers a free plan that grants users 2,000 points every month, allowing them to ask around 20 questions. Additionally, it provides a pro plan for $10 per month, granting users 200,000 points every month, which allows them to ask around 2,000 questions.

The pro plan also allows users to hold up to 30 PDFs, up to 50MB per file, and to access a more extensive range of features, with no automatic deletion of PDF files.ChatInDoc supports multiple languages and provides a user-friendly chat UI that responds in all major languages.

The AI system answers users' questions based on the content of the PDF files, and users need to make their questions specific for the AI to understand them accurately.

ChatInDoc allows users to delete PDF files from the server at any time. Overall, ChatInDoc is an efficient and innovative tool that offers users a time-saving solution to analyze complex PDF documents accurately and effortlessly, making AI technology accessible and user-friendly.


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Pros and Cons


Incorporates ChatGPT
Analyzes complex PDFs
Efficient IR report analysis
Summarize PDF features
Explores unfamiliar terms
Chats with documents
Based on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4
Free plan available
Pro plan available
Supports large PDF files
Supports multiple languages
User-friendly chat UI
User-specific individual content responses
Option to delete PDF files
Time saving analysis
First 25 questions free
Fast PDF comprehension
View PDFs directly
Allows Q&A while reading
Interactive with instruction manuals
Supports major languages in chat UI
No automatic PDF deletion
Process large PDFs
Analyzes academic papers
Multiple language support
Supports term lookup feature
Can interact while reading
Good for handling manuals
No reading all PDF content
Convenience of Questions Feature
Retains PDFs
Free plan on signup
Affordable pro plan
Summarizes content on command
Effective term explanation
Can display PDF viewer
Generates table-style reports


Limited questions for free users
File size limit of 50MB
Maximum capacity of 30 PDFs
Potential display issues with PDFs
Inaccurate reading of images and tables
Specificity needed for questions
PDFs deleted after 1 week for free users
Chat limitations in languages


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