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AI-Powered data analyst on your phone starting with Shopify
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ChatKPI serves as a virtual AI analyst, tailored specifically for Shopify business owners. Kicking off with Shopify, it provides a platform for tracking sales trends, identifying popular products, and understanding customer behaviors.

The tool offers real-time insights which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, through easy-to-use conversational interfaces such as texting. It features enhanced conversational analytics allowing users to ask questions in the same way they would text a friend, simplifying data access.

It uses natural language processing with large language models like ChatGPT for clear and understandable responses. This aids in driving business growth and performance by providing personalized business metrics and insights.

The tool also supports the provision of frequently asked questions making it easier for users to understand its working. Their aim is not only to provide details about your business but also empower the users to make smarter, data-driven decisions.


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Pros and Cons


Tailored for Shopify businesses
Tracks sales trends
Identifies popular products
Understands customer behaviors
Access real-time insights anytime
Interface via texting
Enhanced conversational analytics
Uses large language models
ChatGPT for clear responses
Personalized business metrics
In-tool FAQ support
Helps in data-driven decisions
Shopify store specific integrations
24/7 data availability
Application chatbot interface
Secure data handling
No special technical skills required
Voice to text compatibility
Customer support availability


No multi-platform support
Limited chart/graph generation
Text-only communication
Possible misunderstanding of queries
No voice-text support provided
No described data backup
Data privacy unclear
Potential for incorrect insights
Limited to English questions


What is ChatKPI?
How does ChatKPI help Shopify business owners?
What kind of data can ChatKPI track?
How can I access the real-time insights provided by ChatKPI?
What makes ChatKPI's conversational analytics enhanced?
How does ChatKPI use natural language processing?
What language models does ChatKPI use to provide responses?
In what way does ChatKPI aid in business growth and performance?
How does ChatKPI provide personalized business metrics and insights?
Does ChatKPI offer a FAQ feature to help users understand its operation?
How does ChatKPI empower users to make data-driven decisions?
How can I install the ChatKPI app on my Shopify store?
What is the purpose of using texting in the ChatKPI interface?
Can I ask questions to ChatKPI naturally, like I am texting a friend?
Does ChatKPI provide any analysis to help grow my Shopify store?
What does it mean that ChatKPI offers intuitive analysis 24/7?
What insights can I ask ChatKPI to provide?
Can I access ChatKPI from anywhere or only from my Shopify store?
How does ChatKPI keep my business data secure?
Are there any special technical skills needed to use ChatKPI?

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