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Custom chat rooms to brainstorm with experts.
Generated by ChatGPT

Chatmosphere is an AI tool that generates a chat room based on the description provided by the user. It allows users to describe the characters they want to talk to and the purpose of the room.

The generated chat room comes with new features such as "Choose Your Own Adventure" story events and the ability to add documents to different characters.

Any chats that occur within the generated chat room are stored on the user's device only. This tool is useful for solopreneurs to brainstorm with employees who have different personalities and expertise such as designers, marketers, engineers, and product experts.

Additionally, Chatmosphere also allows users to talk to any of their favorite fictional characters or celebrities like Picard, Pikachu, and Homer. It provides new suggested story events and the option to add documents in different formats such as pdf, csv, xls, doc, srt, and txt to characters to make them more interesting and useful.

The recent updates to Chatmosphere include a blank room preset and button to clear chat history added, a fix for the document relevancy issue, added suggested story events for characters to react to, and room and character data sources to improve the chat experience.

Users can input an avatar by URL and can contact the creator on Twitter in case of any suggestions or problems. In summary, Chatmosphere is a powerful and useful AI tool for generating customized chat rooms with a range of features and possibilities for different users and scenarios.


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Pros and Cons


Custom chat room generation
Descriptive character customization
Option to add documents
Data storage on device only
Useful for brainstorming sessions
Ability to chat with fictional characters
New suggested story events feature
Supports various document formats
Blank room preset
Chat history clearing feature
Document relevancy issue resolved
Added room and character data sources
Avatar input by URL
Responds to user feedback
Can contact creator on Twitter


No encryption for chat storage
No real-time updates for changes
Might struggle with obscure characters
Document relevancy issue
No in-built chat history deletion
Complex character creation process
Limited document formats supported
No audio or video chat
Dependent on stable internet connection
Limited avatar customization options


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