Chatting 19 Jul 2023
Exploring conversations and creativity with ChatNbx.

Generated by ChatGPT

ChatNbx is an AI-powered application designed specifically for research and demonstration purposes. It allows users to engage in conversations and explore the capabilities of AI language models.

However, it is important to note that the generated responses from ChatNbx may be imaginative but potentially inaccurate, which can be referred to as "hallucinations." Consequently, there is a possibility of misinformation being produced.Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that conversations conducted on ChatNbx may be shared with the authors of the AI models, unless users choose to disable this feature through their settings.

This ensures transparency and allows model authors to analyze and improve the system based on real-world interactions.To provide additional context, ChatNbx offers examples and prompts for users to stimulate their creativity.

For instance, users can create funny and useless inventions, write limericks about mischievous robots, or invent board games that combine elements from various forms of media.

This encourages users to explore their imaginations and engage in entertaining and thought-provoking activities.However, it is important to be aware that ChatNbx is an experimental tool and may provide inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.

It is built on the NimbleBox platform, version 3.5.0, and powered by ChainFury, which is an open-source library available on GitHub.

ChatNBX was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 19th 2023.
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Bhargav Bardipurkar
· Jul 21, 2023
Best chat app out there
Vinuja Khatode
· Jul 21, 2023
Super fast and amazing
Priya Sridharan
· Jul 21, 2023
Better than chatGPT
Anshuman Pandey
· Jul 21, 2023
Absolutely loving the speed

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Pros and Cons


Designed for research purposes
Generates imaginative conversations
Transparency through data sharing
Adjustable privacy settings
Stimulates user creativity
Diverse topic prompts
Built on NimbleBox platform
Powered by open-source library
ChainFury integration
Potential for entertainment
Continuous model improvement
Free research preview
Experimental tool
Flexibility in conversation topics
Enables language model exploration
Shares data with authors
Multiple user contexts
Prompt suggestion feature


Generates potentially inaccurate responses
Misinformation producing
Shares conversations with authors
Experimental tool, not reliable
May provide inaccurate facts
Based on NimbleBox v3.5.0
Powered by ChainFury
Research and demonstration only
May violate user privacy


What is ChatNBX?
What is the main purpose of ChatNBX?
How does the AI in ChatNBX work?
What does it mean when ChatNBX produces 'hallucinations'?
Is there a chance that ChatNBX could produce misinformation?
Who has access to the conversations I have with ChatNBX?
Can I prevent my conversations from being shared with the model authors?
What are the examples and prompts provided by ChatNBX?
What creative tasks or activities can be done through ChatNBX?
Are there any limitations or risks to using ChatNBX?
What is NimbleBox and how is it related to ChatNBX?
What is the version of the platform on which ChatNBX is built?
What is ChainFury and how does it contribute to ChatNBX?
Is ChatNBX a free app to use or are there any hidden charges?
Can I run a web search within ChatNBX?
Are there any real-world examples of how the AI can be used?
Can I chat as a guest on ChatNBX?
What types of activities and tasks can I perform with ChatNBX?
Is ChatNBX safe for kids or is there explicit content?
What can you tell me more about the term 'Experimental Free Research Preview' as it relates to ChatNBX?

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