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ChatORG is an AI tool that enables team collaboration through real-time chat using ChatGPT. It provides a unique feature of organizing and sharing chats and folders among team members.

In addition, users can save their prompts to a shared team prompt library and highlight markdown and code syntax. The tool allows users to undo their last message to edit and regenerate.

ChatORG comes in two pricing plans, with a free personal use plan and a $10/month per user plan for teams. To use ChatGPT within the product, users must have their own OpenAI API key, and OpenAI charges a per-token fee separately.

ChatORG is a product developed by Rebase Ventures. The tool's key features are its real-time collaboration using ChatGPT, which is similar to Google Docs collaboration.

Users can organize their chats into folders and share them with their team, enabling efficient team collaboration. They can save prompts to a shared team prompt library for future use, and the tool supports markdown and code syntax highlighting for better readability.

Furthermore, ChatORG allows users to undo their last message to edit and regenerate. Overall, ChatORG is an ideal tool for team collaboration, especially for those working on AI projects using ChatGPT.


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Chatorg was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time team collaboration
Organizes chats into folders
Shares chats and folders
Shared team prompt library
Undo last message feature
Markdown and code syntax highlighting
Free personal use plan
$10/month team use plan
Google Docs-like collaboration
Supports ChatGPT
User editable messages
Efficient team collaboration
Product of Rebase Ventures


No multi-device synchronization
$10/month for team use
No offline functionality
Lacks voice-chat feature
No integrated task tracking
Lack of privacy settings
Limited language support
No integrated file sharing


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Is there a free plan available for ChatORG?
What is the cost for teams to use ChatORG?
Do I need an OpenAI API key to use ChatGPT within ChatORG?
Are there additional OpenAI charges when using ChatORG?
Who developed ChatORG?
How does ChatORG facilitate team collaboration?
How is using ChatORG similar to using Google Docs?
How can I start using ChatORG?
Can I edit my last messages on ChatORG?
How can I save prompts to a shared library?
Who is ChatORG ideal for?
What is the process for inviting team members to collaborate on ChatORG?


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