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Automated inquiries and tasks for real estate agents.
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ChatRealtor is an AI chatbot builder designed specifically for Real Estate Agents. It offers the ability to create a chat bubble on the Realtor's website using CustomChatGPT.

The tool aims to address repetitive customer inquiries and tasks, allowing agents to resolve 80% of customer inquiries instantly even when they are out of the office.

By using ChatRealtor, Real Estate Agents can free themselves from time-consuming and repetitive questions, enabling them to focus on more important tasks.One notable feature of ChatRealtor is its ability to synchronize data from property listing websites like ZILLOW automatically.

This data can then be deployed to various platforms such as TEXT SMS, WEBSITE, and AIRBNB within a short timeframe of approximately 10 minutes.ChatRealtor also offers features like lead capture and appointment scheduling, assisting Realtors in converting leads to appointments quickly.

Additionally, it provides integration with Text SMS and AirBnB, facilitating seamless communication with clients.The tool allows users to upload documents or add website links to train their chatbots.

Users can customize their chatbots by editing the base prompt, adding a name, personality traits, and instructions, such as language preferences.ChatRealtor operates on secure Microsoft Azure servers located in the US-East region, ensuring the protection and privacy of user data.

It primarily utilizes the gpt-3.5-turbo model, with the option to use the gpt-4 model available on certain plans.With support for approximately 95 languages, ChatRealtor enables users to create chatbots and ask questions in a wide range of languages.

Although there is no free plan, users can avail a free trial upon registration, and a demo bot is also available for testing purposes.


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