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WhatsApp chatbot for automated conversations.
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ChatsApp is an AI tool that provides free chat services through WhatsApp. Users can add +1 689 267 3467 to their contact list on WhatsApp and start chatting with their favorite AI.

They can send up to 20 messages a day to the AI, without any cost. The service is available for free, and the tool's development is ongoing, which provides users with access to features such as unlimited messages, recognizing context from previous and recent conversations, and the ability to interact with ChatGPT through voice notes.

Users can also sign up for priority access to these new features. ChatsApp offers a personalized and interactive chat experience with AI that can help users achieve their goals or provide them with entertainment.

The tool has been crafted by the Twitter user @SMAAMERI and was made using Carrd. Overall, ChatsApp provides an accessible and user-friendly way for people to converse with AI bots through WhatsApp.

ChatsApp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free chat services
Accessible via WhatsApp
Up to 20 messages daily
No additional costs
Under active development
Anticipated unlimited messaging feature
Prioritized access with signup
Context recognition in conversations
Ability to use voice notes
Personalized chat experience
Entertainment and productivity features
Created by experienced developer
Made using reliable platform
Easy contact addition
Shareable contact details
Promised feature roll-outs


Limited to 20 messages daily
Doesn't support multiple languages
Voice recognition feature pending
Context recognition still in development
Not open-source
Limited to WhatsApp platform
No API mentioned
Unknown data privacy measures
Phone number requirement


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Does ChatsApp recognize context from previous and recent conversations?
Can I interact with ChatsApp using voice notes?
Who created ChatsApp?
What is Carrd and how is it related to ChatsApp?
What is the purpose of the ChatsApp AI tool?
Is the ChatsApp tool used only for entertainment or can it help achieve specific goals?
Are there any usage limits with ChatsApp?
Can I use ChatsApp for unlimited messages?
How does ChatsApp handle privacy and data?
Can I share ChatsApp's contact number on WhatsApp with my friends?
What is ChatGPT and how does it relate to ChatsApp?
How user-friendly is the ChatsApp tool?
Where can I find updates and news about ChatsApp?

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