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ChatSuggest is a beta AI tool that provides relevant information to users during conversations. The tool offers automated support for various use cases such as job interviews, sales calls, and startup pitches.

By using AI, ChatSuggest helps users to improve their communication skills and content delivery by providing relevant suggestions for the conversation.

ChatSuggest can be accessed through a login process, and it is powered by the first AI hobby project. Users can send feedback and suggestions to the admin via the provided email address.

The primary benefit of using ChatSuggest is the ability to streamline communication by removing the need for manual research or preparation for specific conversational scenarios.

By using machine learning algorithms, the tool identifies and predicts knowledge gaps, then supplements and enhances the user's conversational content with appropriate information.

Overall, ChatSuggest is a useful AI tool for individuals or organizations that require automated conversational support, providing users with relevant information on autopilot.


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ChatSuggest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports various communication cases
Automated conversational support
Enhances user's conversational content
Identifies and predicts knowledge gaps
Supplements information during conversation
Streamlines communication
Applicable for job interviews
Useful for sales calls
Aids in startup pitches
Allows user feedback
Accessible via login
Can be used by organizations
Can be used by individuals
Admin support available
Eliminates manual research
Autopilot conversation mode
Improves communication skills
Appropriate information delivery
Useful for content delivery
Personal project dedication


Beta version
No multi-language support
Limited to specific scenarios
No mobile app
Run by hobbyist
Limited community reviews
No offline mode
Need for constant log-in
Limited integration
Admin support through email only


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Who powers ChatSuggest and is it a hobby project?
How can I provide feedback or suggestions for ChatSuggest?
What is the primary benefit of using ChatSuggest?
How does ChatSuggest streamline communication?
Does ChatSuggest use AI to identify knowledge gaps?
Does ChatSuggest provide conversational content for me?
Can organizations benefit from using ChatSuggest?
Why is ChatSuggest described as 'Your Conversation on Autopilot'?
Is ChatSuggest still in beta?
How does ChatSuggest prepare relevant information during a conversation?
Can ChatSuggest supplement my conversation with relevant information?
What kind of conversations is ChatSuggest designed for?
Does ChatSuggest require prior research or preparation on my part?
How does machine learning play a part in ChatSuggest's functionality?

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