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Built chatbots for support & lead gen.
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Chatterdocs is an AI-powered chatbot builder that allows users to create custom chatbots trained on their content in just minutes without needing to write a single line of code.

Unlike traditional live chat, Chatterdocs chatbots are designed to offer faster, more accurate responses to customer queries. The chatbots are built using the same groundbreaking technology behind ChatGPT.

They understand and respond to customer questions using user data, delivering precise, immediate, and round-the-clock support to visitors. Chatterdocs also offers multiple pricing plans, including a free version, and its chatbots can be customized to align with a brand’s voice, tone and personality.

The tool allows users to embed a brandable chat widget on their website, create chatbots for internal use to empower customer support teams, and integrate with chat tools like Slack to provide a native chat experience.

Capabilities include lead capture, appointment booking, visitor info collection, review of conversations with the bot, and routing visitors to live chat for extra support.

Chatterdocs is a recommended tool for businesses seeking to upgrade their customer engagement with AI-powered chatbots.


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Pros and Cons


GPT-Powered Chatbots
No coding required
Answers questions faster
24/7 round-the-clock support
Brand customization
Multiple pricing plans
Embeddable chat widget
Integrates with Slack
Lead capture
Appointment booking
Visitor info collection
Conversation review
Live chat routing
Can import web content
Supports data upload (PDF, CSV, RichText, Markdown, Audio)
Notion workspace connectivity
Inside team chatbots
Response via API
Insight download
Free version available


Limited customisation options
Unclear data privacy protocol
Limited chat tools integration
No human support integration
Limited options for data input
Absence of smartphone app
Limited languages support
No free version
Cannot detect user sentiment
Limited routing capabilities


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Can Chatterdocs help businesses to upgrade their customer engagement?
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