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Managed emails with quick replies.
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Chatty is an AI-powered email assistant that helps users manage their email inbox and respond to emails faster. This tool uses artificial intelligence and automation to streamline email communication, saving users valuable time and resources.

Chatty helps users customize their email messages with customizable tone options, giving them the ability to personalize their messages to their voice.

The tool generates AI-generated messages that sound professional and polished, giving an added layer of professionalism to users' emails. Chatty has a Gmail extension that seamlessly integrates with users' Gmail accounts, allowing them to generate quick replies directly within the Gmail interface.

In addition, a Slack extension will soon be available, empowering users to craft responses to messages from colleagues and collaborators directly within Slack channels.

One of Chatty's most unique features is its "tone selector" option, allowing users to easily adjust the tone of their email responses to match their personal style or the nature of the message.

Chatty's simple and transparent pricing model does away with monthly fees, offering users a lifetime subscription for a one-time fee of $40 or full access to the source code for $200.

After purchasing, Chatty provides a chrome extension that automatically adds a quick reply button to any Gmail email, allowing users to generate responses quickly and efficiently.

Chatty was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable tone options
Professional and polished responses
Gmail interface integration
Quick reply functionality
Available Slack extension
Unique tone selector feature
Transparent pricing model
Lifetime subscription available
Source code access
No monthly fees
Automatic quick reply button
Single one-time fee
Directly responds within Gmail
Responses within Slack channels
Personalize messages to your voice
Streamlines email communication
Saves time and resources
Varied tone of responses
Email management assistant
Seamless integration with Gmail
Direct response system
Email overload reducer
Fast and efficient responses
Affordable pricing
Offers full access after purchase


Only available as extensions
Limited to Gmail and Slack
No mobile version
No multi-language support
Limited customizability
Tone options may be restrictive
No monthly payment option
Source code access pricey
No automated installation


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How does Chatty's pricing model work?
What is included in Chatty's lifetime subscription?
How do I access Chatty's source code?
Can I use my OpenAI API Key with Chatty?
Does Chatty work with other mail platforms?
What makes Chatty's AI-generated messages professional?
How does Chatty integrate with Gmail?
How will Chatty work within Slack?
What does the $200 all access option offer?
How does the Chatty chrome extension work?
What kind of messages can I produce using the Chatty?
Can the tone of my email responses in Chatty be adjusted?
Are there any monthly fees for Chatty?
What happens after I purchase Chatty?


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